McAuliffe Elementary

Our Promise: All students will realize their unlimited potential.
McAuliffe Elementary

McAuliffe Elementary

Our Promise: All students will realize their unlimited potential.
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    Our Mission:

    “The staff at McAuliffe Elementary School, together with the community, aims to provide academic success through an effective instructional program in a positive, safe environment, and to instill the joy of learning as the unique talents of each student and staff member are promoted.”


    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to McAuliffe Elementary School.  We are proud of our school and its educational program.  We look forward to working with you and community members in educating your children, our most valuable and cherished asset.

    The goal we all share is that our children receive an education which prepares them for their future education and career, and prepares them to be productive citizens.  We ask for your support in meeting these goals.

    We challenge you, McAuliffe parents, to be sure your child attends school each and every day and that each day they arrive ON TIME.  Please remember that when your child is tardy or absent he/she misses out on important instructional time.

    Please arrange medical and other appointments after school so your child will not miss school.  When your child is ill, call the school office or send a note to the teacher. Please do not send your child to school ill.

    School-home communication is encouraged.  If you have a question, call the school at 358-1625.  If you wish to discuss a matter an appointment can be made. Please discuss the issue with the teacher first.

    Please keep this handbook to refer to throughout the year.  Be sure you and your children read and sign the enclosed sheet and return to your child’s teacher.  We look forward to meeting you and working together to ensure your child’s success.




    Gerardo Aguilar, Principal

    McAuliffe Elementary