La Sierra High School

Our Promise: All students will realize their unlimited potential.
La Sierra High School

La Sierra High School

Our Promise: All students will realize their unlimited potential.
Help with student success
  • Attendance at school is your student’s number one job at this time in his/her life. Legally you are responsible for his/her attendance. You should require your student to attend every day that school is in session unless he/she is ill.  Appointments and vacation plans should be made outside of school hours. Show your child that you feel school is the number one priority.

    1. Ask your student why he/she is not attending and really listen to his/her answer. If the poor attendance is due to an emotional issue seek counseling through your healthcare provider or call the school counselor for a list of referrals.

    1. Try to help your student clarify his/her goals for the future.

    1. Make an appointment to meet with the school counselor and talk about what education is required for the student to meet his/her future goals.

    1. Check the Aeries Parent Portal or call attendance weekly to check your student’s attendance record.

    1. If your student is not attending, let him/her know you need him/her to be responsible for his/her attendance or you will take back the responsibility.


    If your student continues to have poor attendance:

    1. Check the Aeries Parent Portal weekly or have the student do a Daily Sign-in Sheet through the Attendance Office to make sure they are attending every class every day. There are also Weekly Progress Reports on the counter in Guidance to check on grades and attendance on a weekly basis.      

    2. Work with your student to establish positive as well as negative consequences for his/her behavior.

    3. Follow-through on your part is of the utmost importance.

    1. Choose a day to go to school with your student. Call the counselor and let him/her know the day you will be attending.

    1. If your student is still not taking responsibility for his/her education and attendance, make an appointment with the counselor to talk about other educational options.

    1. Follow through with any appointments or paperwork required for your student to pursue other educational options.


    Remember: Education is the key to a better future.