“All Students Will Realize Their Unlimited Potential”


    Our Mission:

    “The staff at McAuliffe Elementary School, together with the community, aims to provide academic success through an effective instructional program in a positive, safe environment, and to instill the joy of learning as the unique talents of each student and staff member are promoted.”


    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to McAuliffe Elementary School.  We are proud of our school and its educational program.  We look forward to working with you and community members in educating your children, our most valuable and cherished asset.  IN the area of COVID-19 this partnership is vital.

    The goal we all share is that our children receive an education which prepares them for their future education and career, and prepares them to be productive citizens.  We ask for your support in meeting these goals.

    We challenge you, McAuliffe parents, to be sure your child attends online school each and every day and that each day they log-on ON TIME.  Please remember that when your child is tardy or absent he/she misses out on important instructional time.

    Please arrange medical and other appointments after school so your child will not miss school.  When your child is ill, call the school office or send a note to the teacher. 

    School-home communication is encouraged.  If you have a question, call the school at 358-1625.  If you wish to discuss a matter an appointment can be made. Please discuss the issue with the teacher first.

    Please review on our website throughout the year since this handbook may be updated periodically.  




    Gerardo Aguilar, Principal

    McAuliffe Elementary



    HYBRID SCHOOL SCHEDULE – 2020 - 2021


    Cohort A

    On-campus instruction On Mondays and Wednesdays

    Those on campus:

    Cohort B

    On-campus instruction On Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Those on campus:

    There is no on-campus instruction on Fridays


    Breakfast (free for all students):  7:30am – 7:50 am                             


    Campus Open to all:                     7:30 am


    TK & Kindergarten:                       8:00am – 12:20pm

    Gr. 1-5 Student Day:                    8:00am. –   2:15 pm      



    Office Hours                                                        7:30am – 4:00pm

    Teacher Work Day                                              7:30am – 3:00pm



    At McAuliffe Elementary we have put the following measures in place in order to provide a safe visit and or return to campus:

    -Temperture checks are conducted anytime parents or students enter our campus.

    -Social distancing is practiced and ground markers have been put in place in order to guide parents and students to 6-foot distance.

    -We will go to a cohort system allowing for half of the student body to be on campus on one particular day.

    -Plexiglass barriers have been installed in all glassrooms in order to provide protective barriers between students and teachers.

    -Touchless papertowel dispensers and touchless water refilling stations are currently being installed on our campus.

    -Classrooms will be have an "Air Scubbing" machine that will clean the classroom air of contaminants every 15 minutes.

    -The Clorox 360 sanitizing machine is being used nightly in all classrooms, restrooms, MPR, and high traffic areas nightly.

    These are practices we have put into place in order to provide a safe learning enviroment at McAuliffe.



    Our goal at McAuliffe Elementary School is to ensure that our students develop their full potential, academically, socially and physically.  We are committed to creating an atmosphere for learning and for developing social responsibility.  Each student is encouraged to take responsibility for his or her own learning and behavior.  We urge parents and guardians to be actively involved in supporting our efforts in teaching and discipline.

    In order to provide a safe and orderly environment and to ensure that students are able to focus on learning, high standards are necessary.    


    The following standards have been developed with input from staff and parents, and are enforced by all members of the school community.



                    Respect for others

                    Respect for their school

                    Respect for themselves

                    McAULIFFE IS A SAFE PLACE  -  Students will behave in such a way as to promote safety.


    1.  Respect must be shown toward students and adults at all times. Directions given by school personnel must be followed the first time.

    2.  Fighting (including play fighting) or dangerous behaviors such as hitting, kicking, pushing, wrestling, and throwing objects (i.e. rocks and sand) are not permitted.

    3.  Running and playing in the hallways is not permitted.

    4.  Only materials, supplies, and items directly related to units of study may be brought to school. There may be some exceptions with prior approval of teachers. Electronic games and devices, cell phones, cassette players, radios, laser light pointers and toys are not permitted.  Inappropriate items will be confiscated and returned to the parents.

    5.  School property, facilities, and equipment must be used properly and safely.

    1. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and skates may not be ridden on campus.
    2. Chewing gum is not permitted at school.
    3. Hats are not recommended and need to be removed while indoors. (If hats are worn, the bill is to be forward.)

    9.  All state and federal laws must be followed at all times.



    Students are encouraged to be peacemakers by using the following guidelines to solve problems:


    1. Talk it over ... listen
    2. Ignore it
    3. Walk away
    4. Say “I’m Sorry” or “Please stop that”
    5. Take turns
    6. Share
    7. Find something else to do
    8.  Ask for help


    Students may receive rewards for following rules and showing good citizenship and respectful behavior. Failure to follow school rules may result in the following action or actions (not necessarily in this order):


    1. Warning
    2. Reprimand/citation
    3. Parent notification
    4. Loss of privileges or activity, including end-of-the-year activities
    5. Detention
    6. Damage or replacement fees
    7. Suspension
    8. Referral for expulsion
    9. Police action



    The McAuliffe Detention Policy is presented with these basic premises.  They are:


    1. Every parent and child clearly understands the expected standards of behavior.
    2. The consequences for failure to follow the standards will be applied consistently.
    3. Children will be held responsible for their behavior by consequences established in this discipline plan.


    It is imperative that students and parents understand and support the following standards.  These standards create a safe and effective learning environment, and promote the students’ academic, social, and emotional development.  All students are

    expected to adhere to the standards and accept the consequences for each infraction they choose to make.


    Note:  Parents will be notified by letter or phone first.  Detention is defined as the time served outside the school day.  (Monday and Wednesday from 2:20pm – 2:50pm)



    Prior to the decision to suspend a pupil (except under emergency conditions) an informal conference must be held with the principal/designee.  At this time the pupil will be afforded an opportunity to know what s/he is accused of and to tell his/her side.  The parent shall be notified as soon as possible by telephone or other reasonable means of the decision to suspend a pupil.  A notice of the suspension will be given to the pupil’s parent/guardian and a conference may be requested.



    Reason for suspension per Education Code Section 48900:

    1a.  Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person.

    1.    Willfully used force or violence upon the person of another, except in self-defense.

    2.    Possessed, sold or otherwise furnished any firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object.

    3.    Possessed, used, sold or otherwise furnished, or been under the influence of any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage. or                 intoxicant.

    4.    Offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant of any kind, and then sold,                 delivered, or otherwise furnished to any person another substance and represented that substance as a controlled substance,                 alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant.

    5.     Committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion.

    6.     Caused or attempted to cause damage to school property, or private property.

    7.     Stolen or attempted to steal school property or private property.

    8.     Possessing or using tobacco, or any product containing tobacco or nicotine products.

    9.     Committed an obscene act, or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.

    10.  Possessed, offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia.

    11.  Disrupted school activities, or willfully defied the authority of school personnel.

    12.  Knowingly received stolen property.

    13.  Possession of an imitation firearm.

    14.  Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault.

    15.  Harassed, threatened, or intimidated a pupil who is a complaining witness or witness in a school disciplinary proceeding

           for the purpose of either preventing the pupil from being a witness or retaliating against that pupil for being a witness, or both.

    16.  Committed sexual harassment. (grades 4-5)

    17.  Caused, attempted to cause, threatened to cause, or participate in an act of hate violence. (grades 4-5)

    18.  Created an intimidating or hostile educational environment by intentionally engaging in harassment, threats or intimidation                   against a pupil or group of pupils. (grades 4-5)

    19.  Terrorist threats against school official or school property, or both.

    20.  Aided or abetted in the infliction or attempted infliction of injury to another student.



    1. School rules must be followed at all times.
    2. Play equipment for use on school grounds will be provided by the school. Items brought from home are not to be used unless approved in advance by a teacher.
    3. Students must stay within boundaries of the playground. All gravel areas are off limits.
    4. Eating and drinking are only permitted in the snack areas.
    5. Students should not walk through a game in progress or disrupt games.
    6. Softball and football (tag football included) may only be played during physical education periods under the supervision of a teacher unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the principal.
    7. Playing in or around restrooms is not permitted. Students who observe vandalism and fail to report the problem are as guilty as those who cause damage.
    8. Water bottles are to be refilled and restrooms are to be used BEFORE the bell rings.
    9. ANY behavior resembling fighting or wrestling is forbidden (i.e. play fighting)
    10. Students must stop playing immediately when the bell rings.
    11. Passes are required to enter hallways or go to the office.



    1. TK-2 grade students may ride their bike to school accompanied by a parent. 3rd-5th grade students may ride on their own.  ALL must have a signed bike contract.

    2. Bicycles must be walked on campus.
    3. All bicycles must be locked to the bicycle rack.
    4. All students are expected to obey the traffic laws, including wearing a bike helmet while riding their bicycle and to use the crosswalk with the crossing guard; no double riding.
    5. It is recommended that all students have their bicycle licensed with the City of Riverside.

    Failure to follow these rules may result in the loss of bike riding privileges and parents will be contacted.  Other items will be confiscated if school rules are not followed.


    EXPECTED LUNCH TIME BEHAVIOR(Social Distancing will be practiced)

    1. Students are to be escorted to lunch area by their teacher in an orderly manner. Running or loud talking is not permitted.
    2. Students are expected to line up single file in the cafeteria area in the assigned area. Cutting into the lunch line is not permitted.  Students found cutting in line are to be placed at the end of the entire line.  Students may not save places in line.
    3. Students are expected to eat in a polite, quiet and acceptable manner at assigned tables. No throwing of food, yelling, running, selling or trading of food is permitted.
    4. Student respect of campus supervisors and all other personnel assisting with lunch operations is mandatory. Students are to follow the instructions of all adults on duty.
    5. Campus supervisors have the responsibility and authority to discipline students in accordance with school and district guidelines and the California Education Code.
    6. Each student is responsible for the disposal of his/her trash in an appropriate receptacle. All students must leave their eating area clean, including food, paper, and spilled liquids.
    7. At the conclusion of an eating period of at least ten minutes, an adult on duty will signal to students that they may prepare for dismissal. When trash is picked up, students will be dismissed to line up quietly and wait for a campus supervisor to release them to the playground.
    8. Students are not allowed to leave school during lunch or recess unless authorized through the office.



    All assemblies will be held virtually.


     Students are expected to ward comfortable clothing that is age appropriate and does not detract from learning. 

     Students may NOT wear:

    *              Clothing with words or graphics pertaining to drugs, alcohol, gangs, profanity, sex, racist or demeaning information.

    *              Any gang or gang-like attire

    *              Oversized or ill-fitting clothing

    *              Sleeveless tops with large armholes or with shoulder straps narrower than 2”

    *              Strapless or tube tops

    *              Bare midriffs, crop tops

    *              Short shorts or cutoffs

    *              Undergarments showing

    *              Chains or weapons (including wallet chains)

    *              Lack of undergarments

    *              Bathing suits

    *              Unsafe jewelry or clothing

    *              Footwear without a heel strap or footwear with wheels

    *              Skull caps, doo-rags, backwards or sideways hats

    *              Hair dye/color /styles that will distract from the educational process (ie: blue, green, Mohawks, etc..)

    *              Sandals with open toes (due to safety problems on the playground). Socks necessary for health and safety reasons.


    Non-Compliance of Dress Code

    Final decisions as to whether student dress or grooming is inappropriate shall be made by the principal or designee.  The following interventions will be followed:

    1. Verbal warning - child may be required to turn shirt inside out or borrow school shirt.
    2. Notice sent home with student for return with parent signature
    3. Phone call home. Parents may be expected to bring appropriate clothing
    4. Loss of privileges in classroom or recess
    5. Referral to office:

    -student may be required to change clothes.

    -an appointment may be scheduled with the parent to formulate a compliance plan for the student.


    LOST AND FOUND(This practice will be suspended during COVID-19)

    Lost items, including clothing, may be claimed from the Lost and Found carts in the Multi-purpose room.  In order to minimize the number of lost items, please label ALL BELONGINGS on the inside with your child’s first and last names.  Unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill at various times throughout the school year.



    Safety of our children is very important. The following are suggestions and rules which will help your child be safe.

    1. Insist that your child go directly to and from school. We encourage parents never to let students travel alone.
    2. Know the time your child is due home. If your child is irregular in arriving home, please contact the school and an attempt will be made to find the reason for the delay.
    3. Students should not arrive before 7:30am, Students should depart school as soon as dismissed.  There will be a vareity of arrival and dismissal gates to minimize crowding and to allow for temperature checks.
    4. Please pick students up PROMPTLY after school.
    5. Students should stay off private property and travel the recommended routes to and from school.
    6. You must send a note if your child is to change his/her regular routine. Young children, especially, have difficulty remembering what a parent said when it is time to go home. Arrangements need to be made BEFORE school. Classroom instruction will not be interrupted to deliver messages to students. Children may not use the phone to change plans.
    7. Teach your child to walk on the side of the road facing on-coming traffic if there are no sidewalks.
    8. Advise your child to avoid strangers, and not get into a car with someone s/he doesn’t know. Tell him/her not to accept money, candy or presents from strangers, and not to help a stranger look for lost animals or get directions.
    9. Parents picking up and dropping off students are required to comply with all traffic instructions at the front of the school for the safety of all children.


    Parents and students are asked to follow all traffic and safety rules when dropping off children before school or picking up children after school.  Parents are asked to personally walk their children to and from cars.  When crossing streets, use crosswalks and corners.  Please be courteous of others by not blocking vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and by following requests made by staff and student traffic helpers.

    Parking is permitted only in designated areas. 

     Drivers who do not find a parking space are required to park along the street.  Safety and courtesy are to be observed - this might save a child’s life.  THE BUS LANE MUST BE KEPT FREE OF PARKED VEHICLES AT ALL TIMES.  We also ask that cars not block the entrance to school from Collett Avenue or double park on the street; this only delays departures and causes confusion for everyone.  Your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.



    Students are expected, by law, to attend school every day by logging on unless they are ill. Doctor and dentist appointments should be scheduled after instruction.  Daily attendance allows for the student to obtain the necessary online instruction. 

     Students must not only attend school daily but arrive on time. On time means a student must be logged on by 8:00 a.m.   Any time after 8:00 a.m. is considered LATE.  PARENTS MUST SEND A NOTE OR PHONE CALL WITH THE REASON FOR ABSENCE WITHIN 24 HRS AFTER THE ABSENCE.   If you can provide a doctor/dentist’s clearance for your child, the absence will be excused.


    NOTE: Perfect attendance is when a student is in attendance from the time the school day begins until the school day ends.  In order for a student to receive the perfect attendance trophy at the end of the school year, the student must have NO absences, tardies, early dismissals, etc.  

    SCHOOL VISITATION(We are currently not allowing visitations on campus due to COVID-19)

    The school office is open Monday through Friday 7:30am – 4:30 pm. Being a public school, we maintain a campus that is open to visitors who have a purpose for being on campus and whose presence is in no way disruptive to the instructional program or other school operational procedures. All visitors including parents must sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s badge.  If you wish to visit a classroom, please make an appointment by calling the school or contacting the teacher at least one day ahead.


    The above procedures have been established to ensure student safety and to minimize disruption of the instructional program.  The following may not be taken on campus during visits (too disruptive):  radios; tape recorders; cellular phones; electronic devices; any item making noise, cameras, etc.


    On occasion there may be special days set aside for parents to join their child(ren) for lunch.  However, as a general rule, we ask that parents refrain from visiting their children at breakfast, recess or lunch times.  Students need to become comfortable and confident at school.  This can be accomplished with minimal interruptions in their daily school routine.



    Students will be allowed to use the phone at the discretion of staff in cases of special need or emergency only.


    STUDY TRIPS (All study trips have been suspended at this time)

    Study trips will be coordinated with academic learning and be organized by the classroom teacher with approval from the principal.  STUDENTS MAY NOT GO on a study trip without a permission slip signed by a parent.  If student’s behavior and discipline prior to the study trip calls into question the safety or successfulness of a study trip, that student may not be allowed to attend unless the parent accompanies the student. Students are to remain with their class/teacher for the duration of the study trip.

     Parents may be asked to chaperone. However, any student, including siblings, not enrolled in the participating class may not accompany chaperones on field trips.


    Children may not leave campus during the school day without special permission. If you need to take your child out of school for the day, please check in at the office.  Your child will be called and you must sign him/her out.



    During high risk days, the district office will notify the school of smog alert conditions.  At this time physical activity will be limited until the end of the alert.  During periods of extreme heat, physical activities will be curtailed or moved to the multipurpose room.



    Parents are encouraged to provide the best opportunity for their child(ren) to learn by sending students to school with sufficient and nutritious food.  Studies show that hunger and poor nutrition can have a negative effect on child development, behavior, and learning. 

     All students may purchase lunches for $2.25 daily, including milk.  Milk alone is $.25.  Money can be applied to your student’s meal account through the office or on-line.  Applications for free lunches are found on the District Website.   Applications must receive approval before beginning the program. If a child forgets or loses lunch money, he/she will be offered fruit/milk.


    When your child is registered, you are required to note emergency contact information when Data Confirmation is done each year.  In case of an emergency, we will always call home first.  Many times we cannot reach parents, therefore,  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KEEP UP-TO-DATE EMERGENCY NUMBERS ON FILE IN THE SCHOOL OFFICE. The person designated as your emergency contact should be someone who can reach the school in a reasonable length of time.  Please notify the office of any changes in your address or phone number.


     It is essential that the information include:

    1. A home and /or business phone number.
    2. Emergency contact phone numbers of those you have authorized to pick up and care for your child in your absence. Emergency contacts should be persons who live locally and can come to the school quickly in case of emergency.
    3. The name, address, and phone number of your child’s doctor.
    4. Your signature giving or refusing permission for the school to seek emergency medical attention for your child.


    Before your child enters grades TK-12, the state requires, in addition to verification of birth (certified copy of birth record, statement by the local registrar certifying the date the birth, baptism certificate, passport, when none of the foregoing is obtainable, an affidavit of the parent, guardian, or custodian, or any other appropriate means of proving the child's age), proof of the following immunizations:

    4 Polio doses- 3rd one given after 4th birthday

    5 DPT doses- 4th one after 4th birthday

    2 Measles, Mumps, Rubella dose- after 1st birthday

    3 Hepatitis B doses-to enter kindergarten as of 7-1-99.

    1 Varicella (Chicken Pox) dose or proof of the disease

     Not only are these state requirements, but your child’s, and other children’s protection from certain diseases is dependent upon getting these immunizations.  They may be obtained from your doctor or from clinics sponsored by the Riverside Neighborhood Health Center.  For the dates of a clinic in your area contact them at 358-6000.The state requires that entering first grade students must have had a physical examination within the last 18 months.  Proof of this is required before registering the student.      Parents are urged to keep accurate health records from birth on.  It is frequently necessary to research a child’s health history.


    If your child needs to take a prescription drug at school, it must be brought to the office.  Do not put them in your child’s lunch box or backpack. The medicine is kept in the nurse’s office and dispensed by the school nurse or secretary.  Parents are required to sign an authorization for the school personnel to give the medication and to file signed directions from the doctor about dispensing the medication.  These forms are available from the school secretary.  If you have any questions regarding this procedure, call the school nurse or secretary at 358-1625.  Non-prescription drugs (including aspirin and cough lozenges) are not allowed at school.


    Sick children should not be sent to school. Symptoms such as fever, runny nose, stomach ache, cough, or a headache may indicate a contagious condition. For the protection of your child, classmates and teachers, he/she should not be in school, but should be kept at home until fully recovered.

    If your child has a contagious disease, please notify the school immediately. Following a quarantine for a contagious condition, children are to be examined before re-admittance. Your child must have a signed clearance slip to give to the teacher. To provide this clearance, there is a nurse available MONDAY through FRIDAY, 7:30 am – 8:30 am. You may call the office for that contact information.

    (CORNER OF CAMPBELL ST. AND JONES ST).  During these hours you may also call the Health Hotline for answers to any health-related questions: 509-5033.  The child can be admitted to school only if the contagious period of the disease is past.  Head lice is a contagious condition which requires clearance from a school district nurse before a student returns to school.


    Each year, hearing and vision screening are conducted by the school district which seeks to identify those students who may have either vision or hearing disorders. All students in grades kindergarten, second and fifth are screened. If problems are detected, the parents are notified. If you are concerned about your child’s hearing or vision, please talk to your child’s teacher.



    Proper use of restroom facilities is expected from all children at all times.  Children should learn to use the restrooms during scheduled recess time which includes before school, morning recess, lunch recess, and  P.E.  We will limit the number of students using the restroom in order to provide social distancing.  Parents may contact the teacher if special arrangements need to be made during a time of illness or disability.


    Application forms are available in the school office for a low-cost accident insurance protection policy for your child.  THE SCHOOL DISTRICT DOES NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE FOR CHILDREN.  You may wish to check policies you already have to see if your child is covered.


    If your child, due to illness or injury, will be out of school for a prolonged period of time, please notify the school office. He/she may be eligible to receive instruction from a home teacher so that he/she does not fall behind in learning. A doctor’s prescription is required for Home Teaching.


    Homework assignments are teacher planned learning activities which take place outside of the student’s regular school hours. Homework should allow your child additional time to reinforce the skills taught in school, be reasonable and specific, relate to the district’s course of study and relate to individual student needs and abilities.

    Homework guidelines are explained to parents during Back-to-School Night and in a written notice from each teacher. Ordinarily, assignments will not exceed one half hour per day for grades K-3, and not more than three hours per week for grades 4-5. Homework may be assigned a grade and/or general development mark on the student’s report card.

    We urge you to establish regular “homework times” and a quiet study place for your child.  Check to see that assignments are completed, and please contact the teacher if assignments seem to be causing your child problems. Also, with at least 3 days notice, teachers will provide assignments in case of lengthy absence.


    Report cards are issued twice during the year for grades T K-5.


    Due to recent changes in state laws, students failing to meet grade level standards must be considered for retention.  Parents will be notified in advance so that they can work together with the school to assist their child to come up to standard, and thereby prevent retention.  Parents are encouraged to be active participants in this process. 


    It is a privilege for students to use the McAuliffe Library. The children have the opportunity to come to the library once a week with their class. At this time they will be able to check out one book each week.  Books are DUE the day before the class visit. (EXAMPLE: If the class comes to the library on Tuesday then the books are due on Monday.)  If the children bring in their books late to the library they will have to wait for another day to check out a book and will not check out one with their class.


    Please read with your child(ren) and help them be responsible for their books.  Give them a special place they can put their books.  Please make it a place where little brothers and sisters can not get to the books.


    Students and parents will be held accountable for all library books and textbooks checked out to the student.  If books or barcodes are damaged or lost, replacement or repair fees will be charged, and students will be required to pay before they are allowed to continue using the Library.  In addition, participation in activities, including study trips,  may be restricted until outstanding fees are paid.






    BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT(Suspended at this time due to COVID-19)

    Back-to-School Night is an evening program held early in the new school year.  It is a time set aside for parents to familiarize themselves with their child’s classroom, teacher and school.  Classrooms are open to show the work that will be undertaken by the students and their teachers during the school year.  This is a time to ask questions regarding the program for that grade level. 

    Questions or problems about your child should not be discussed at this time. Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for that purpose.


    PARENT CONFERENCES (Suspended at this time due to COVID-19)

    Conferences allow time for the teacher and parent to discuss the child’s progress.  The staff at McAuliffe School welcomes this opportunity to meet with you.  Conferences are held during the first semester and as needed throughout the school year.  Conferences may be initiated by either school personnel or parents.

    OPEN HOUSE(Suspended at this time due to COVID-19)

    The springtime Open House is an evening event that is held every year.  At this time you will be invited to tour your child’s classroom, greet his/her teacher and meet classroom friends.  Student’s work and/or classroom projects will be displayed.

     CLASS PARTIES(Suspended at this time due to COVID-19)

    Instruction is foremost at McAuliffe.  While birthday parties for students are enjoyable, it is very difficult to celebrate the birthdays of all students.  We encourage parents to have parties for their children somewhere other than school.  One nice way to honor a child’s birthday at school is to donate a special book to the child’s classroom.  It can be read to the entire class and then entered into the classroom reading materials. Because of the District’s  Wellness Policy – parents are urged to provide a healthy treat instead of cupcakes, candy, etc.  Talk with your child’s teacher first.  As a reminder – students are not allowed to have balloons on campus. Any approved celebration will take place during the last 15 – 20 minutes of the school day.

     PARENT INVOLVEMENT PROGRAM(This program is suspended at this time due to COVID-19)

    McAuliffe’s parent and community involvement program focuses on synthesizing a harmonious partnership between the school and its surrounding community.  Parents have the opportunity to be involved in decision-making regarding school programs as members of ELAC, SSC, and PTA.  Active participation in their children’s education is strongly encouraged.  Parents are invited to attend Back-to-School Night, Open House, Parent Conferences, and other school wide activities.  Parents may volunteer time in their child’s classroom and, as arranged by their child’s teacher, and serve as chaperones on study trips.

     McAuliffe’s Parent Handbook is published in both English and Spanish.  If available a copy may be given upon request. The objective of involving parents is to assist in the learning and success of each student. 


    Opportunities for parent involvement include:

    School Site Council                            

    Open House

    English Learners Advisory Committee           

    Back-to-School Night

    Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Volunteer in classrooms

    Volunteer as chaperones for Study Trips

    Attend Parent Information Nights for Science Fair, Spelling Bee, etc)

    Parent workshops



    McAuliffe  School seeks to provide a quality and equitable educational program for all students.  Some of the special programs and services available but not limited to, based on program criteria, include:



    • Adaptive P.E.
    • Computer Lab
    • English Language Learner Program
    • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
    • Library
    • Physical Education Program (grades 4-5)
    • Outreach Counselor
    • Resource Specialist Program (RSP)
    • Student Success Team (SST)
    • Speech and Language Services
    • School Psychologist
    • After school tutoring
    • Half Time After School Program