• In order for children to have a consistent educational program, they must be in school each day.  Absences are excused only when a child is out because of:

    1.      Illness
    2.      Quarantine
    3.      Medical appointment
    4.      Attending a funeral of an immediate family member

    If a student is absent for any other reason, the absence is recorded as unexcused.  

    When your child is absent from school for any reason, we recommend that you notify the school office with 48 hours upon returning to school with the reason for the absence.  If you are unable to reach the school, please send a note with your child on the day he or she returns.  If you do not verify your child’s absence with the school office, we must consider the absence unverified and unexcused.



    We realize that there may be times when your child is tardy, but please avoid this whenever possible as tardiness interrupts your child’s valuable instructional time.  A note must accompany your child to explain the reason for his or her tardiness. 


    Leaving and Returning during School Hours

    Although we prefer that you schedule appointments after school hours, we realize it can be difficult.  If it is necessary to pick up your child, we ask that you come into the school office first and we will call your child’s room while you sign them out.  If a person other than a parent is picking up your child, it is necessary for them to be included on the emergency card. 


    The student may leave school during school hours only after a parent or other authorized adult comes to check them out.  Identification will be required and authorized adults must be listed on the school emergency card.  If the child returns during school hours, he or she will be readmitted through the school office.