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    The standards call for learning mathematical content in the context of real-world situations, using mathematics to solve problems, and developing “habits of mind” that foster mastery of mathematics content as well as mathematical understanding. The standards for kindergarten through grade 8 prepare students for higher mathematics. The standards for higher mathematics reflect the knowledge and skills that are necessary to prepare students for college and careers and productive citizenship.


    Implementation of the CA CCSSM will take time and effort, but it also provides a new and exciting opportunity to ensure that California’s students are held to the same high expectations in mathematics as their national and global peers. Although California educators have implemented standards before, the CA CCSSM require not only rigorous curriculum and instruction but also conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and the ability to apply mathematics. In short, the standards call for meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century through innovation.


    Mathematics resource for K- 5th

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