McAuliffe 100 Mile Club

  • The McAuliffe 100 Mile Club is on the move! McAuliffe Elementary School kicked off their 100 Mile Club on September 14, 2015 with a grand celebration!  100 Mile Club site coaches, Ms. Andrea Vinciguerra and Ms. Stephanie Bradley, pumped up the crowd while paying tribute to 100 Mile Club founder Kara Luben and mentor Coach John Wooden. Coach Wooden’s philosophy of success came to life as the “Pyramid of Success” was built on the field.

    Special guests in attendance included the La Sierra University women's volleyball, basketball and softball teams, the La Sierra University men's soccer and basketball teams, the La Sierra High School cheer team, and many supportive McAuliffe parents. In a show of dedication and school spirit, parents, students, teachers, and student athletes accepted the 100 Mile Club challenge by running laps together and taking the first steps towards earning 100 miles this school year. McAuliffe is proud to now be part of the 100 Mile Club family.  

    Students and parents are encouraged to join the 100 Mile Club. Miles can be earned on campus during morning and afternoon runs, during P.E. time, and during McAuliffe Family Night Marathons. Miles can also be earned at 100 Mile Club sponsored community events. For more information, please visit the 100 Mile Club website  calendar or contact site coaches Ms. Vinciguerra and Ms. Bradley.