• Welcome to the Hospitality Pathway at La Sierra High School!

    9/11 Remembrance

     The La Sierra High School Hospitality Pathway begins with Foods and Nutrition 1, where students will learn the basics of safety and sanitation,  recipe reading and basic food preparation. Year two students will enroll in Foods and Nutrition 2 (A-G), this course will continue to build upon the foundational skills that they gained in Foods 1. Year three, students will be  enrolled in  Culinary Arts. Students will operate the on campus Eagle's Nest Cafe which will provide them with all aspects of back and front of the house experience. Year four, students will have the opportunity to choose between Culinary Management or Hospitality Internship. Culinary Management is a course which provides additional training in the area of team building and leadership. The internship class is a community classroom in which students are placed at an off campus site. Hospitality business partnership are developed to provide industry on the job training for these students.