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  • Alvord High School is a small high school that provides students with an alternative to the comprehensive high school setting.


    We are fully accredited and recognized as a California Model Continuation High School. We are focused on providing all students with the opportunities to achieve.

    It is our promise that “All students will realize their unlimited potential.”




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  • No Contact Drive-Thru Graduation Information

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    WEDNESDAY, MAY 27TH, 2020

    Students: please sign-up through the website below for your graduation time:



    Graduate families must arrive in one vehicle, not to exceed 7 passengers and travel on Pierce Street (heading towards Hillcrest) and turn right into the ACHS campus parking lot.

    Vehicles will drive down the ACHS alley towards the back parking lot (by rooms 15 and 20) and circle around heading back towards the alley (by the staff lounge).  Staff members will be providing directions.

    Vehicles will be stopping at 2 stations.

    Station 1 is located at the front parking lot where the graduate will reach out from her/his passenger side and get her/his diploma cover from a table.

    Station 2 is across the grass area from Mr. Shultz’s classroom (walk-way to the front office).  Here, vehicles will stop at the last speed bump and only the graduate will exit the vehicle. 

    Three minutes have been allotted per graduate from exiting their vehicle to reentering their vehicle.

    The graduate will exit her/his vehicle and walk over to the stage area, which will be located on the walk-way between room 2/Mr. Shultz’s room and the main office.

    While wearing her/his cap and gown and diploma in hand, the graduate will approach the stage for a professional photograph.

    The graduate’s family may cheer, celebrate, record, and photograph the drive-through graduation event from their vehicle.  Friends and family members will not be allowed to exit their vehicles.

    After the graduate’s photograph is taken, she/he will leave the stage area and return to her/his vehicle, which will promptly leave ACHS and turns right onto Pierce Street (heading towards Hillcrest).    

    *In addition, please notify your principal, Mr. Medina, to address any special circumstances you or your graduate might require:


    Información del sistema Drive-Thru para Graduación


    MIÉRCOLES, 27 DE MAYO 2020


    Alumnos: Por favor regístrense a través de la siguiente página Web para el horario de su graduación.



    La familia de la persona que se gradúa debe llegar en un vehículo, sin exceder 7 pasajeros y conducir por la Pierce Street (en dirección hacia Hillcrest) y dar vuelta a la derecha en el estacionamiento de ACHS.

    Conducirán el vehículo por el carril de ACHS hacia la parte trasera del estacionamiento (por los salones 15 y 20) y circularán alrededor del carril (por el salón de descanso del personal). Los miembros del personal les darán instrucciones.

    Los vehículos se detendrán en 2 estaciones.

    En la 1ra estación, del lado del pasajero, la persona que se gradúa tomará la funda de su diploma de una mesa.

    En la 2da estación, en el área verde frente al salón del Sr. Shultz (pasillo de la oficina). Aquí, los vehículos de detendrán en el último tope y únicamente el graduado podrá salir de su vehículo.

    Se programaron 3 minutos para que la persona que se gradúa salga de su vehiculo y regrese a él.  

    La persona que se gradúa saldrá de su vehículo y caminará por el estrado, localizado en el pasillo entre el salón 2 o sea del salón del Sr. Shultz y la oficina escolar.

    Portando su toga, birrete y con su diploma en la mano, la persona que se gradúa se acercará al estrado para una fotografía profesional.

    La familia de la persona que se gradúa puede vitorear, celebrar, grabar y fotografiar el evento de graduación estilo drive-through desde su vehículo. Está prohibido que los miembros de la familia salgan de su vehículo.

    Después de haber posado para su fotografía, la persona graduada abandonará el área del estrado y regresará a su vehículo, el cual deberá salir inmediatamente de ACHS y dar vuelta a la derecha en la Pierce Street (en dirección hacia Hillcrest).

    *Además, favor de notificar al director, Sr. Medina en si tienen alguna circunstancia especial que ustedes o la persona que se gradúa pueda necesitar.




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    DELAC AGENDA 5-26-20  English Spanish



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  • Summer School Information

    Will summer school be offered?
    Summer school begins on June 1. Unlike past years when summer school focused only on credit recovery for secondary students who need to earn credit to stay on course to graduate, this year's summer school program is currently being planned to also include "bridge" courses to prepare students for the next level of coursework, specifically in mathematics. Details and sign-up information will be released in early May by school counselors.  Use the link above to find out more information about Summer School.




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  • accounts


    Students, if you are having trouble logging onto your account, please contact Ms. Blanford at




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  • Attention Seniors/ Grads!  Our local CBS station wants to celebrate you!  See the link below to submit your name and picture.



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  • Parents and students use these links to contact your teachers and continue your classes on-line.


    Staff E-mail - Ask teachers questions. Find out about Google classroom.

    Odysseyware - Use the "Messages" tab to send a message to the teacher.

    Remind App -  Add the Phone App.

    Alvord High School Remind App



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