• Principal Weekly Updates


    May 10, 2021:


    Hello Parents and Students, I hope this message finds each of you safe and in good health.

    Well, we are on the final stretch of this academic school year, with just 14 school days to go. Now, do not celebrate just yet, because grades can change drastically in less than 14 school days, so please continue to stay focused and proactive.  

    Here are some important items to keep in mind for these last 14 school days:

    • Seniors: You have less than 14 days to bring those grades up in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.
    • Seniors: The graduation ceremony will be in the stadium, as of now, and as long as COVID numbers continue to improve.
    • Seniors: May 20, 2021, is a pre-graduation celebration. This is when we will hand out caps and gowns, lawn signs, and other items to our graduating seniors. Capped off with an In-n-Out burger!!!!


    Finally, Seniors, please make sure you continue to pay close attention to school announcements, all-calls, and emails, NVTV episodes, and my 2-Minute Drill episodes. The next couple of weeks will bring plenty of important information about graduation, book return, pre-graduation celebration, graduation, and much more.



    STUDENTS, you can do this!
    Finally, please continue to read our Superintendent's weekly message, visit the AUSD Main Website, visit the COVID19 Reopening Facts (FAQ's), as well as the Riverside County Public Health System for the latest updates on COVID-19 data and the reopening of schools. 


    Suggested sites to visit routinely:


    Thank you again for all you do to support your student, the Novi Staff, and our community.


    Mr. Jason Marquez

    Principal, Norte Vista High School 


    The Best High School in the World!


    Be Brave, Stay Brave!

  •  Vision

    The Alvord Unified School District and Norte Vista High School Promise:

    All students will realize their unlimited potential. 


    Mission Statement

    Norte Vista High School, a dynamic learning community that embraces innovation, exists to ensure all students attain lifelong success through a system distinguished by:

    • Active and inclusive partnerships
    • Relationships that foster a culture of trust and integrity
    • High expectations and equitable learning opportunities for all
    • A mindset that promotes continuous improvement
    • Multiple opportunities for exploration and creativity
    • Professional development that promotes quality teaching and learning
    •  Access to learning experiences that promote a high quality of life


Norte Vista High School

  • Welcome to Norte Vista High School, the Best High School in the World!

    We invite you to visit our campus and witness our strong instructional programs, school safety, appealing facility and welcoming staff.

    Understanding our educational program, student achievement, and curriculum development can assist both our school and our school community in ongoing program improvement.



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