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    IT Helpdesk Work Orders




    NOTE: Refer to this image to see what Track-It

    looks like when inputting a New Work Order.

    Example of Work Order

    In an effort to standardize the procedure for entering IT work-orders into Track-It, please follow the instructions below: 

    Summary section:

    Please put the two or three letter initial for your school or department – a few words describing the issue – your name (since there are usually more than one POC for each site)  Here is an example:

    TH – Computer in Room 11 (Mr. Smith’s Class) won’t start up – Eric Rivas


    Call Back Number:




    Only use NORMAL, QUOTE, and RMA.  The only time HOT should be used is if a MAJOR system is down such as power going out,


    is down at an entire site, phones not working, etc. in which case the POC should contact us directly as well.


    Type and Subtype:

    Choose the category that best describes the issue for each.



    Please give a more detailed description of the issue.  Here's an example:


    Mr. Smith’s computer starts loading and then a blue screen comes up and immediately shuts down.



Check Below Before Creating a Work Order