• Senior Class 2019


    Lisa Younes #6

    My name is Lisa Younes and I have been playing volleyball since I began as a freshman at Hillcrest! I have absolutely loved playing volleyball, all the friendships I made, and the lessons I have learned over the years. Volleyball has taught me that no matter where you are at there is always room to improve and to never give up on yourself or your teammates, no matter what. After high school, I plan on attending UCLA to major in Environmental Science and continue to Harvard Law School in order to become an Environmental Lawyer and help protect the planet.



    McKayla Bos #22

    Over the course of playing high school athletics, it has taught me many critical life lessons, that without, I would have never discovered. Like being self-reliant, open-minded, patient, devoted, compassionate, genuine, and most important of all, proud of my accomplishments. I have made the most memorable memories and met the most irreplaceable people. It was important for me to perservere and finish the sport I started with my friends, while also having as much fun as possible. After high school I plan on attending a 4 year university and discovering more about myself and where I am meant to be!



    Kaitlyn Rynning #8

    Hi, my name is Kaitlyn Rynning and I've been playing volleyball at Hillcrest since my freshmen year. Hillcrest is the only team I've played for in my volleyball career. Over the years, volleyball has taught me so much about endurance and how playing as a team is the most important part of the game. After high school I hope to attend California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and major in biology so I can go into pre-med and become a family physican.



    Emily Palomares #11

    My passion for volleyball began in middle school and has continued through my high school career. As I am in my final year, I've made it my goal to make it my best year yet. My team has taught me so much over the years including the importance of winning as a team, and not just as an individual. I love this sport more than anything. Volleyball to me means improving myself as a person and player so I can help my team be the best we can be.



    Abagail Hanson #16

    This will be my 4th year in the volleyball program at Hillcrest. My freshman year I tried out for the volleyball team having never played a day in my life, however that didn't stop me from working hard to become the player I am today. Over the years of being in the volleyball program, I have learned a lot about team work and dedication. After high school I hope to further my academic career and take any opportunity that presents itself.