Routines Make Life Easier

  • How do you know the morning routine is a problem?

    • The children and you are generally late

    • Things like lunches, homework, and jackets are regularly forgotten

    • Everyone is agitated

    • There is lots of yelling, shouting and fighting


    The following is advice from  

    1. Lay out clothes.
    2. Make lunch and leave it in the fridge.
    3. Sign permission slips, and write notes to the teacher.
    4. Pack backpack and leave it-and anything else that needs to go to school by the front door
    5. Get up 15 minutes earlier so you're not rushed.
    6. Serve a healthy breakfast.
    7. Give your child a to-do list (with pictures if he can't read yet) so you don't have to nag him to get dressed, brush his teeth, or make his bed.
    8. Keep the TV off.
    9. Give your child a big kiss before you say goodbye.


Parenting Webinar

AM Routines

Use this nighttime and morning routine checklist to teach your child what steps to take to get ready

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