• Engaging Scenario: What We’ve Learned About Ourselves from History


    Task: You have been asked by your teacher to develop an introductory booklet for your class on the topic of "What We've Learned About Ourselves from History."  Your booklet will cover the areas of war, disasters, and social activism. 


    You will search the Internet for visuals that help us see what we have learned from history.


    You will:

    - Select three images from the Internet that portray the following: a lesson from war, a lesson from a disaster, and a lesson from social activism.

    - For each image, complete an Art Analysis Guide.

    - Create a document in which you paste each of your three images on separate pages and include their IVF Summary Paragraphs from your Art Analysis Guides beneath each image.

    - Be sure your document includes a cover page entitled What We’ve Learned About Ourselves from History.  It may include an additional visual(s) if you so desire.

    - Turn in your completed three Art Analysis Guides.

    - Email the document to the teacher.


    ** Share/email all completed digital assignments to ahsmrlizza@gmail.com