• English 2B Unit 4 Engaging Scenario: Presentation: Uncomfortable World Truths


    Task: Your local city council member has just been appointed to a task force that highlights some of the uncomfortable truths that are in the world today with the aim of devising solutions to take care of the problems. The council member has enlisted local high school students to make presentations to the task force to help them decide upon the problems on which they plan to focus.  You have been selected to make a presentation for the task force’s consideration.


    Create a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation for the task force.  Examine the pictures in the article 35 Cynical Collages That Tell Uncomfortable Truths About The World and select three (3) that you wish to use in your presentation. For each picture you will fill out an art analysis worksheet that includes an IVF summary paragraph.  You will also write an 8 sentence paragraph for each picture in which you describe a plan to correct the uncomfortable truth shown.  The presentation will then include the following slides:


    1. An introductory slide with a creative title, your name, and a visual that is NOT used in the rest of your presentation but related to at least one of the problems you explore. Please note that this visual must NOT come from the article, but from a different source.
    2. The next slide is first picture you selected from the article. The picture should be on one full slide and should include the title at the top of the slide, directly on the picture (not in a separate text box above the picture).
    3. After the full-slide picture, you will have a slide that includes a smaller copy of the first picture with title as well as the finalized IVF summary paragraph from the art analysis worksheet.
    4. Following the IVF slide, you will have another slide with a smaller copy of the first picture with the title as well as the 8 sentence paragraph with your plan to correct the problem.
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other two pictures you selected from the article.
    6. Add a concluding slide that thanks the task force for considering your proposals. You may add another new visual to this slide that is related to one of the problems you explored above.

    When you are done you will have a minimum of 11 slides.