• Unit 5 Engaging Scenario: Are they Heroes? Slideshow


    Task: You have been selected by your school to participate in a local elementary school’s Hero Day.  The elementary school celebrates community and world heroes in an attempt to bring out heroic qualities in everybody for the good of humankind.  The school asks local community members for help in creating programs to share throughout several sessions to bring awareness to the heroes of our world.


    You have been assigned the task of creating a PowerPoint/Google Slide presentation in which you answer the question Are They Heroes?  by discussing two individuals who are not heroes and two individuals who are heroes.  The school has provided a list of possible heroes/non-heroes to choose from for your presentation.  The presentation should include:


    • A slide that includes the title Are They Heroes? and your name as presenter.
    • A slide with picture that provides your definition of a hero (possibly taken from your Task 3 Essay).
    • Four (4) pictures from the list of possible heroes/non-heroes on separate slides.
    • An 8 Sentence Paragraph following each picture that discusses whether the subject is or is not a hero. You may include additional pictures on the paragraph slide(s).
    • A final slide that makes a call to action for all people to do their best to live their lives heroically.