• Up Next Program

    With the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are able to provide Reach Higher’s Up Next evidence-based nudging program free of charge to partners. The program will be expanded to serve 300,000 students in two 150,000 student cohorts. These cohorts are comprised of high school seniors who will receive text messages for two years.


    Students will receive text messages beginning in the fall of their senior year through the end of senior year, the summer after graduation, and for student’s entire freshman year of college.

    • Cohort 1 – Class of 2019 runs from Fall 2018-Spring 2020
    • Cohort 2 – Class of 2020 runs from Fall 2019-Spring 2021

    Text Messages:

    All students in the program will receive texts from individuals; messages are never automated. With our texting platform, Hustle, students will receive personalized texts from our team and can engage in a two-way conversation to make sure all their questions are answered. We can tailor the content of text messages to align with the local K-12, community, or state context. Text messages will also be available in Spanish. There are three ways students can receive a text:

    • From peer-to-peer mentors, current college students who serve as Up Next Fellows from the Cisneros Center.
    • Students who require additional support will be connected with members of the College Advising Corps who will serve as virtual advisors for any high-level questions regarding financial aid, college applications, etc.
    • If the participating school district is interested, we will also make the texting platform available to the students’ high school counselors (Note: this level of engagement is not required, but offered as an extra feature to our partners).


    Senior Up Next link:  https://forms.gle/3jYaT7h8LSKBjYqW6