• Paw Pals are carefully selected by our Paw Pal facilitators, Mrs. Vander Veen and Mrs. Ditta along with our school administrators (Mr. Gonzalez- Principal and Mrs. Ohlheiser- Assisstant Principal). During the month of May, current Paw Pals will share a presentation with all 4th-grade students about how to become a Paw Pal. During this presentation, current Paw Pals discuss the role of a Paw Pal, the application process, and they also provide tips about the interview process. They will also spend some time sharing their personal experiences.

    If you are interested in becoming a Paw Pal for the next school year, you must be a current 4th grader and request an application from your teacher. It is important that you turn in a completed application by the deadline. Interviews will be conducted for potential Paw Pals by Mrs. Vander Veen, Mrs. Ditta, and one of our school administrators.