Board Member Assignments (Starting in 2018)

  • The Board of Education President provides the following list of sites/departments by Trustee Areas. Although this list reflects sites located within a Board Member’s Trustee Area, the Board of Education considers all sites/departments to be important and strongly desire to be involved throughout the District and not limited to a specific Trustee Area, please keep this information in mind when inviting the Board of Education to events at your site.



    Joanna Dorado

    (7 Sites)

    La Granada Elementary School

    Rosemary Kennedy Elementary School

    Twinhill Elementary School

    Valley View Elementary School

    Loma Vista Middle School

    Alternative Education Center

    Keller Administration Site 



    Lizeth Vega

    (4 sites)

    Arlanza Elementary School

    Terrace Elementary School

    Norte Vista High School

    Child Nutrition Services



    Julie A. Moreno

    (5 Sites)

    Collett Elementary School

    Foothill Elementary School

    Myra Linn Elementary School

    Wells Middle School

    La Sierra High School



    Robert Schwandt

    (6 Sites)

    McAuliffe Elementary School

    Orrenmaa Elementary School

    Stokoe Elementary School

    Arizona Middle School

    Alvord Continuation High School

    Hillcrest High School



    Carolyn M. Wilson

    (4 Sites)

    Lake Hills Elementary School

    Promenade Elementary School

    Villegas Middle School

    District Office


    Each Board Member is responsible for making contact with the top management employee at each work site and establishing a positive relationship.


    Attempts should be made to establish some kind of contact with School Site Councils, PTA’s or any special interest group of significant size or influence.

Last Modified on April 7, 2020