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Mrs. Alanna Kolonics

Hey, Eagles!!

Welcome to La Sierra High School, where we soar to new heights and embrace the spirit of unity and excellence!  As the Activities Director, it is my honor to extend a warm and enthusiastic greeting to all students, parents, and staff members. Our school is not just a place of education; it is a community where we encourage every individual to R.I.S.E. up and thrive.  At La Sierra High, our motto is simple yet powerful: "R.I.S.E. Up!" (Be Responsible, Inspired, stay Self-aware, and stay Engaged.) It symbolizes our commitment to empowering each student to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential. We believe that every single one of you possesses unique talents and abilities, and it's our mission to foster an environment that nurtures and celebrates your strengths.

Our mascot, the majestic Eagle, embodies the spirit of determination, courage, and unity. Just like the eagle soars high in the sky, we too aim to rise above any obstacles that come our way and create a supportive and inclusive community. Together, we can create a culture of belonging and acceptance where everyone feels valued and encouraged to participate in various school activities.  Participating in extracurricular activities is not only about having fun but also about forming lasting friendships, discovering new passions, and developing essential life skills. Whether you're interested in sports or clubs, we offer a wide range of activities for you to get involved in and make a difference.
Through our clubs, sports teams, and events, you will have the opportunity to build meaningful connections and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our school. I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities, as they not only enhance your high school experience but also help you grow as a person.  Remember, the key to making the most of your time here at La Sierra High is active involvement. Embrace the eagle spirit, and let it guide you on this incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Together, we will create memories that will last a lifetime and leave a positive impact on our school and the wider community.

So, let's R.I.S.E. up, Eagles, and soar to greatness! I am thrilled to be a part of this journey with each one of you, and I eagerly look forward to witnessing your achievements and successes. Here's to an extraordinary school year filled with joy, learning, and togetherness! Go Eagles!