Technology Advisory Committee

  • The Alvord Unified School District and Board of Education is establishing a Technology Advisory Committee 

    The Board shall organize a TAC consisting of members as follows:

    • One (1) Board member 
    • Up to Four (4) District administrators 
    • One (1) AEA member 
    • One (1) CSEA member 
    • Four (4) members, one from each of the following groups:
      • Community Member Representative
      • Elementary School Parent Representative
      • Middle School Parent Representative
      • High School Parent Representative

    What will the Committee do?

    The purpose of the TAC for 2019-2020 is to build awareness and ideally mutual understanding of the District Technology and identify potential expenditure reductions and revenue enhancements to recommend to the Board.  The TAC shall serve strictly in an advisory capacity to the Board by making recommendations on technology issues for the benefit of the District.  The TAC shall not participate in any capacity in District personnel matters.

    How often will the Committee meet?

    The Committee will meet at least once a calendar month.  Specific meeting dates will be determined by the Committee.  Committee members will be appointed by the Board of Education to serve a one-year term.