• Hello Stokoe Parents and Students 

    Please feel free to reach out and connect with me if there is anything you need.  

    I can be reached directly in my office  Monday - Friday    (951) 358-1640  ext 389105   (8:30 am to 3:30pm) 
    or email  me at  susan.perez@alvordschools.org 


    If you can't call, but still need to connect with me, there are easy referral forms to use. 

    There are two forms, one for students and one for parents!  Be sure to fill out the right one! 

    I will check these links every day and I will see the form immediately once it has been submitted. 

    I will contact you once I receive the referral form!

    Here is the link Stokoe Counseling Parent Referral Form (english) &  espanol (This form is for Parents) 


    Here is the link    STUDENT COUNSELING REQUEST FORM     (This form is for Students) 


    Here is the link     IN-HOUSE TEACHER COUNSELING REQUEST FORM  (This form is for Stokoe staff and Teachers) 


     If you are having a problem I will do my best to help you solve it, and if you just want to talk and connect I am here for you!   

     Take Care, 

    Mrs. Perez