Meals distributed in the month of June
    Distribution centers: Norte Vista High School on 6585 Crest Ave and La Sierra High School on 4145 La Sierra Ave, from 9:00 – 10:00. Click here for Flyer. Haga clic aqui para el aviso.

    Why do children still need to be present to get meals? Won't our children be safer at home? 
    The reason is that the meal program is the National School Lunch Program's Summer Food Service Model. This program allows us to feed all students under 18 years old. It's the model most if not all districts are utilizing. We do not have enough food to feed non-student families, as much as we would absolutely love to feed everyone in the community who is hungry and who are struggling during this difficult time. The only way to ensure our students are being fed is by seeing them. We've chosen this model because we believe it provides the best experience for our families and ensures we have enough food to provide for our students.
    What is the process when we drive up?
    First, when families drive up, we need you to show the number of students in the vehicle (using your fingers). We then place the order on one end of a 6-foot table, in accordance with the Social Distancing Order. Once the order is safely in place, the staff member will motion to families that it's safe to exit your car and pick up the order. Please bring a grocery bag to speed the process. All staff wear a mask and gloves and have, or are in the process of getting thier Food Handlers Certification.

    What if I have a Special Needs student or need special accommodations?  
    Please contact Paulina Nwuba, Director of Special Education, to make arrangements. Ms. Nwuba can be emailed at: paulina.nwuba@alvordschools.org

    How long will meals be provided?      
    It is the intention of the district to provide meals to school-age students until our regular last day of school, May 28th. After May 28th we will re-evaluate.

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