On March 13, 2020, an Order of the Health Officer of the County of Riverside closed all PK-12 school districts, community colleges, and universities in Riverside County from March 16 through April 3, 2020 inclusive pending further order of the Public Health Officer, Dr. Cameron Kaiser. An Amended Order went into effect on March 17, 2020, extending the closure to April 30, 2020. The Order is intended to reduce the likelihood of exposure to COVID-19, thereby slowing the spread of the disease. On March 20, 2020, Governor Newsom announced an Order of the State Public Health OfficerDr. Sonia Y. Angell, for all individuals to stay home, except as needed to maintain continuity of operations of the federal critical infrastructure, which includes public schools. On April 1, Governor Newsom confirmed schools will remain closed for the remainder of the school year. Later in the day on April 1, the Riverside County Health Officer, Dr. Cameron Kaiser signed an Amended Order to close schools through June 19th , 2020.

    While schoolhouses are closed, the 2019-20 school year is open and learning continues until our scheduled last of school, May 28. School and district personnel who perform essential operational functions, including those who feed children, those who conduct the district's business services, and key district leaders, will physically come to work. All school district personnel are on call to perform school support functions as identified in the Governor’s order. All employees work remotely to comply with the stay home order. Including all teachers and principals.

    The most frequently asked question is, "What will school look like during the closure?" The answer is complex and varies district-to-district, depending on a variety of factors, including existing resources (including hardware, licensing agreements with vendors, WiFi availability, etc.) that be can leveraged to more seamlessly transition to a distance learning environment; and the processes necessary to ensure that equitable access and opportunity is offered to students. 

    The California Department of Education defines distance learning as instruction in which the student and instructor are in different locations. This may include interacting through the use of computer and communications technology, as well as delivering instruction and check-in time with their teacher. Distance learning may include video or audio instruction in which the primary mode of communication between the student and instructor is on-line interaction, instructional television, video, telecourses, or other instruction that relies on computer or communications technology. It may also include the use of print materials incorporating assignments that are the subject of written or oral feedback.

    This FAQ addresses "What will school look like during the closure?" and many others that have been asked by our students, their parents and guardians, staff, and members of the public. The questions are sorted by topic. The first topic is just for seniors. It contains the FAQ we've received from our graduating class.

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