Message from the School Counselor

  • Hello Students and Families,

    A little over a couple of weeks ago we were all in school doing our daily tasks, learning and spending time with our friends. 

    None of us were ready for what was to come with the spread of the Corona-Virus or COVID-19!   

    So life has become very different for all of us. We are now at home, instead of at school and we are trying to connect with each other on-line or through other forms of technology. Your teachers are trying to help you continue to learn with on-line resources and your parents are trying to help you figure all this out.  It has not been easy, but we are all helping each other! 

    The most important thing to remember is that this will not last forever. This is what we have to do right now, but we will be able to go back to school and see our teachers and our friends again soon. Although we have no idea when that time will come, we can look for the good things in this situation. When we face difficult times, there are always some good things that can come out of it.  These are called the gifts in times of hardship. 

    The first gift is the gift of time!  We all have had very full schedules prior this.  So the bright side now is that we have MORE TIME!  We have time to learn new things, read a great book, do a craft or science project  and rest.   This wonderful gift of time is precious, try to remember that. 

    The second gift is the gift of being together.  Our lives were busy and sometimes our family members were going in all different directions. So now we can all be together with our family and loved ones.  This is a wonderful gift that can help us become even stronger together.  We can take time to play games, make things or watch movies, being together can help us feel better.  Enjoy your family and try to find ways to help each other. 

    I have also created a page for Parents to help with some resources in dealing with our school closure time and also resources to connect you with ideas.  

    Be sure to visit my CONTACT Page  during the SCHOOL CLOSURE time, I have a phone number there and a contact form. You can reach during the school day in any way that is easiest.   

    I am missing everyone so much!  I look forward to seeing you all again soon, but in the meantime please stay safe and healthy.   


    Mrs. Baker

we are in this together