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    When does the 2020-2021 School Year begin and end?
    August 10, 2020 to May 28, 2021 (see full calendar here). School is scheduled to open as planned until such time we learn we are unable to open it due to concerns related to public health. 

    What will schools look like when they reopen on August 10?
    At this point in time we are preparing to open school using the traditional school model, with students and teachers physically in attendance. To that end, our schools will be cleaned, sanitized, and prepared. Students will be scheduled in their classes. Teachers and staff will be given their 2020-21 assignments. In the event we cannot begin using the traditional face-to-face model on August 10, we will know well before that time and announce a contingency plan based on the current conditions related to public health.

    What will a contingency plan look like?
    Again, it's hard to say on this date not knowing what phase of the reopen California plan will be in effect by August. Will we have met herd immunity goals by August? It's likely there will not be a vaccine by August. Can we safely assemble students and staff? These are among the primary questions we will need answered before opening school in the traditional way. We will rely on guidance from public health officials before deciding.

    What if schools are cleared to open with social-distancing guidelines and other safety protocols?
    Depending on the restrictions at that point in time, schools may open with a percentage of students and staff on the campus at any given time, to allow for social distancing. Among the models are 4 or 5 tracks of students similar to the year-round schooling model common to ease overcrowding when California school districts were bursting at the seams.

    How do I register my Kindergarten-aged child?
    Due to the COVID-19 closure, changes have been made to Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten Registration due to the COVID-19 School Closures. Visit the TK-K registration home page here for registration details, including the on-line registration application, beginning June 12. If you already have a TK-K registration packet, please retain these documents until school offices reopen. Please stay tuned for new information. If you have a question, please send an e-mail here to the Director of Elementary Education, Dr. Devor.

    Will Expanded Learning [After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program] offer HALF-Time and PRIME-Time programs this summer? 
    TBD depending on when people can safely congregate. We await guidance from the Expanded Learning Division at CDE with direction. Coming soon. Find details here.

    What will be done in the short term for students who fall behind due to the closure?
    It’s likely some students will fall behind, depending on the distance-learning experience that they have between now and when school reopens. In addition to credit recovery summer school we are planning enrichment and prepraration programs in math and English langauge arts (visit the summer school page here for details).

    Will grade level expectations change due to the closure?
    No. But moving forward, schools will utilize a comprehensive framework that focuses on Common Core State Standards (CCSS), core instruction, differentiated learning, student-centered learning, individualized student needs, and the alignment of systems necessary for all students’ academic, behavioral, and social success. We have been working with WestEd starting in 2018-19 to develop and implement an integrated, comprehensive, data-driven Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

    Has the district's priorities changed in light of the crisis closure?
    No. In fact, our priorities have been reinforced given our focus on implementing MTSS with an emphsis on the following elements:

    • Focusing on aligning the entire system of initiatives, supports, and resources.
    • Promoting district participation in identifying and supporting systems for alignment of resources, as well as site and grade level.
    • Systematically addressing support for all students, including gifted and high achievers.
    • Enabling a paradigm shift for providing support and setting higher expectations for all students through intentional design and redesign of integrated services and supports, rather than selection of a few components of RtI and intensive interventions.
    • Endorsing Universal Design for Learning instructional strategies so all students have opportunities for learning through differentiated content, processes, and product.
    • Integrating instructional and intervention support so that systemic changes are sustainable and based on CCSS-aligned classroom instruction.
    • Challenging all school staff to change the way in which they have traditionally worked across all school settings.

    What is the long term plan for next year and beyond if students never return in 2019-20?
    Learning loss is inevitable given the abrupt school closure and transition to distance learning. Teachers, school leaders, and district leaders continue to discuss remediation and mitigation strategies. Among the strategies, see summer school information.

    What is the plan for cleaning and facilities readiness?
    On May 28, our maintenance team will begin the process of deep cleaning our schools to prepare them for 2020-21. In addition to annual deep cleaning we do every summer, we have purchased the Clorox® Total 360™ System to sanitize our schools and district buildings and keep them sanitized throughout the school year. Our Maintenance & Operations team are also replacing classroom air filters and stocking schools with disinfectant products that may safely be used to eliminate outbreak-causing viruses like COVID19 and other influenza, as well as common illness-causing bacteria. 

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