When does Summer School start?
    The first Monday in June.

    Why did I get moved to Session 2?
    If Session 1 is full, we move students (according to registration date) to Session 2.

    What classes am I enrolled in?
    You will be able to view your class(es) and session(s) on your Aeries portal starting on the Thursday before summer school begins. If you are unable to access your Aeries Student Portal, please email the summer school counselor or principal and we will reset your password.

    Is summer school online?
    No. All classes are in-person even if they are online through Odysseyware. You are expected to be on campus and in class everyday.

    What if I need additional help or tutoring?
    Your teachers will be able to provide you with additional support.

    What if I have technical issues?
    Please let your teacher know if you are having technical difficulties. We will be able to assist you.

    Are assignments mandatory?
    Yes. ALL assignments are required and all assignments will be graded.


    What if I do not have access to technology?
    Please contact the school as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to pick up a laptop.