• Updated April, 2021

    The landscape of education continues to change in response to the pandemic and new guidance related to delivering school in the midst of it.

    On April 6, the State of California announced that Riverside County advanced into the state’s Orange Tier. Shortly thereafter, Governor Newsom and state health officials announced that California aims to fully reopen the economy on June 15.

    On April 2, the U.S. Department of Education announced that school districts may use alternative assessments to monitor student progress, instead of using the state testing system, which requires technologies that are not easily available for students learning from home. Last school year, federal and state education officials removed the requirement that states had to test all students in their academic standards. 

    On March 26, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) updated their guidance on graduation ceremonies. The good news is that our seniors will get to experience a traditional graduation ceremony with their classmates and in front of their families. The capacity at the venue will be determined by the COVID Tier Riverside County is in at that point in time.

    On March 20, CDPH updated K-12 Schools Guidance to align with the latest science, as reflected by the Friday, March 19 update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The state's updated guidance now recommends distancing of at least 3-feet for students in classrooms with universal mask wearing (compared to the current guidance that our school safety plan is based on which states: Under no circumstances should distance between student chairs be less than 4 feet. If 6 feet of distance is not possible, it is recommended to optimize ventilation and consider using other separation techniques such as partitions between students or desks, or arranging desks in a way that minimizes face-to-face contact.

    The new guidance also recommends at least 6 feet of distance:

    • Between adults in the school building and between adults and students.
    • In common areas, such as school lobbies and auditoriums.
    • When masks can’t be worn, such as when eating.
    • During activities when increased exhalation occurs, such as singing, shouting, band practice, sports, or exercise. These activities should be moved outdoors or to large, well-ventilated spaces whenever possible.
    • In community settings outside of the classroom.

    Given the distancing requirements that remain in place, we will continue to following the guidelines from of COVID-19 Safety Plan (Español), approved by the County and State.

    Find an FAQ on reopening, my weekly messages, our COVID-19 Safety Plan, bell schedules, COVID-19 dashboard, and our safety video on the left toolbar. Find the information in Spanish too.

    On behalf of the Board of Education, we look forward to serving our students and our community.


    Thank you, and be well.

    Allan Mucerino


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