• Updated January 23, 2022

    According to public health officials, the current surge is leveling off. I am optimistic that brighter days lie just around the bend. Thank you for continuing to do your part. We will continue to do ours. Together we can slow the spread in our schools.

    Our COVID Help Center will continue to provide support to schools and families, including distributing test kits. Call 951 509 5014 or email COVIDhelp@alvordschools.org if you have questions or concerns.

    Thank you students, parents, and employees in advance for continuing to work so well together. 

    Stay current by reading the weekly Alvord Round-Up with my Sunday-evening-at-6 pm-message to the community here

    Also, visit the FAQ related to the 2021-22 school year here and our COVID Data Dashboard & FAQ here.

    Thank you to all of our families for partnering with us during this difficult time. Let's continue to work together to finish the school year in a manner that sets our students up for future success.

    Stay healthy. Be well.

    Allan Mucerino


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