• Hola Arlanza Explorers!

    I know your received lots of great resources from your former teacher to keep your learning going and that is important. 

    If after learning you need a break, here you have some websites to explore "JUST FOR FUN" 

    Some of the things found are super cool!     

    Have Fun Exploring!!!  

     Animal explore and fun videos-  Ranger Rick 

    Cool science activites-    Science Fun 

    Take a trip to a National park     National Parks to explore 

    Fun online games with Space Racers  Space Racers 

    Make your own slime    Colorful Slime    (you will need some help from your parents, ask them first) 

    Stories from Space      Stories about travels to Space   (These are actual stories read by Astronaunts in Space)  

    Netflix shows that are educational too  30 great netflix shows for kids 

    San diego Zoo live cams to check out animals  SAN Diego Zoo 

    Monteray Bay Aquarium has live cams of sea animals  Monteray Bay Aquarium  ( I like the Jellyfish cam the best!) 

     World Museum of Natural History    Natural History Museum 


    Your School Counselor

    Ms. Rodarte

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