Seventh Grade World History Virtual Academy

    Mrs. Atencio



    Dear Seventh Grade Student:

     I am excited that you are part of our virtual class this year. Please review the following information to make sure that you understand the course requirements. I have high academic and behavioral expectations for all of my students and I know that you will do your best to meet them.


    Course Description

    The course focuses on medieval and early modern world history provided by the Common Core Curriculum and Standards. We will study the rise and fall of empires, the diffusion of ideas, and significant movements of people, ideas, and products. The framework focuses on how cultures and societies were different from each other, yet had an impact through exchanges of ideas and products. These exchanges resulted in greater historical patterns that affected geography, economies, and social systems (California Department of Education).



    Access to a computer, internet, textbook, paper, pencil/pen, colored pencils, earbuds (suggested)



    This is an online course, so daily participation is part of your grade. There will be a due date for online assignments. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the work and complete the online assignment.

    Assignment Format: Heading, title, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12 font in black, Arial/Times New Roman font



    Grades are on a standard point value system. Aeries will reflect your grade not Google Classroom.

    Participation—contributing to online lessons including written/verbal responses, group break out discussions, etc.

    Online assignments (notes, graphic organizers, summaries, projects)


    Letter grade percentages: A=100-90%       B=89.9-80%    C=79.9-70%    D=69.9-60%   F=59.9-0%


    Rules and Expectations

    Students are required to follow all school and district rules. Student must be…

    Ready to work, be respectful, and be responsible for your actions and work.


    Virtual Classroom Expectations

    *Be online when class starts—cameras on for attendance, supplies ready, review agenda, appropriate clothing

    *Find a quiet place where you can concentrate, use the bathroom before class starts

    *No recording of sessions or taking pictures while we are in class—this violates student privacy

    *Lesson: be respectful of others, microphones off unless you are talking, note taking, book out

    *Participate: follow directions, answer questions, write/type notes when asked, read along

    *Be careful with what you say or post; anything you say or write can result in disciplinary action

    *No plagiarism/cheating: summarize information from online sources, do not copy work from other students

    *Use the chat box or textbox to ask questions or give response, wait until I can call on you

    *Be patient: this type of schooling is new to all of us and there will be some obstacles

    *Protect your passwords, but make sure that you know them.

    Contact: Office hours are Monday –Friday


    Use my school email jaimie.atencio@alvordschools.org when sending emails. My Google Class email account generates hundreds of e-mails daily. It sends an email every time a student posts, turns in an assignment, or does anything in the online classroom. Use the .org email because I check it several times during my workday.


    If you have any concerns, please feel free to speak to me about them and we will try to figure out a solution.


    Mrs. Atencio