• FAQ's Regarding

    Inter-District Transfer Requests


    Q) When does the transfer window open?

    A) The INTER-District transfer window opens on December 1, 2023, and closes on January 15, 2024.


    Q) I am a new student and requesting a transfer into Alvord Unified School District for the first time.  What do I need to do?

    A) You will need to complete online registration BEFORE we can accept your Inter-District transfer request.  Please use the online registration link which is located on the Student Services department home page.


    Q) My home address does not fall within the Alvord Unified School District boundaries.  What address do I use to complete online registration?

    A) Under home address, please enter the address of the desired AUSD school you will be requesting the Inter-District transfer to. 

    Please note, using the school's address does not guarantee that your Inter-District transfer application will be approved and/or approved for that school.


    Q) How do I turn in my completed transfer request?

    A) Applications may be turned in one of two ways:

    1)  Email a copy of the completed, signed application (front and back) with required documentation to: StudentServices@alvordschools.org


    2) A copy of the completed, signed application (front and back) with required documentation may be mailed to:

    Alvord Unified School District
    Attn: Student Services
    9 KPC Parkway
    Corona, CA 92879


    Q) Can I turn in my completed transfer request in person at the District Office?

    A) Unfortunately, no.  Transfer requests must be submitted via StudentServices@alvordschools.org or via U.S. mail.


    Q) How and when will I find out if the transfer was approved?

    A) Notifications will be sent to the email listed on the transfer application starting the end of April/beginning of May with the approval or denial decision.


    Q) Are California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) athletic eligibility rules waived if my child transfers to another high school?

    A) No. All students and schools are subject to all CIF athletic eligibility rules and regulations. Approved transfers should not be understood to mean that any CIF rules or regulations have been waived.


    Q) Can I appeal my denied INTER-District transfer request?

    A) If you wish to appeal this decision, you may submit a written explanation within 14 days of the date of the denial letter stating the reason you are appealing.  Your appeal will be reviewed by the Director of Student Services and you will be notified, in writing, of the outcome within 10 calendar days following the review of your review.


    Q) Do I need to renew the transfer annually?

    A) Yes, you will need to renew your transfer permit annually.


    Q) Can the transfer be revoked resulting in my child returning to their district of residence?

    A) Yes, an INTER-District transfer may be denied or revoked at any time for the following reasons:

    • Student is excessively tardy/absent from school, or student is brought to school excessively early/picked-up excessively late.
    • Student fails to uphold appropriate behavior standards.
    • Student fails to make appropriate academic efforts.
    • False or misleading information was provided on the transfer application.
    • Reason for the original issuance of the transfer application is no longer valid.
    • Other conditions that occur that would render continuance inadvisable.
Last Modified on November 13, 2023