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    The Facilities Planning Department is responsible for the planning and construction of school facilities to meet the demand for a 21st Century, state-of-the-art learning environment. Our goal is to improve the educational environment for learning by providing all students with modern learning facilities.

    The department’s responsibilities include the following:

    •  Oversight of District construction projects
    •  Assist with the District’s State Funding Program
    •  Maintaining school boundaries
    •  Provide boundary maps to school sites
    •  Collection of Developer Fees for new construction within the District boundaries
    •  Tracking new housing developments
    •  Maintain building inventory of all permanent and portable buildings
    •  Conceptual Facilities Master Plan (updated 2022)*

    Conceptual master plans are intended to guide planning of long-term capital improvement projects throughout the district. The concepts developed for each campus are the result of careful analysis of the GOALS, FACTS and NEEDS of each school and attempts to provide a conceptual plan that is directly responsive to those factors. Detailed design of each project will occur at a future date upon establishment of project funding sources and will be addressed by the district, site staff and design team for each campus.


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Last Modified on October 27, 2023