• Building Resilience in Your Child


    What is Resilience?

    The ability to overcome adversity, trauma, pressures, threats, losses, and pain – perhaps even experiencing growth during times of hardship.


    Characteristics of Resilient People

    • Aware of how they feel
    • Don’t give up easily
    • Find the brighter side of situations
    • Have supportive relationships
    • Have a good sense of humor
    • Flexible thinking
    • They take action
    • Understand that things are temporary
    • View obstacles as challenges to be overcome
    • Practice self-care
    • Can handle constructive criticism
    • Have clear boundaries in relationships


    How to Build Resilience in Your Child

    • Empower them to make decisions
    • Allow them to learn through some failures
    • Be authentic with your praise and be specific
    • Don’t condemn them for mistakes
    • Recognize their successes, even small ones
    • Let them know you believe in them and love them unconditionally
    • Highlight their strengths
    • Give them realistic goals
    • Create opportunities for success
    • Address conflict openly
    • Build a sense of safety and emotional security in your home
    • Demonstrate how behaviors impact others
    • Emphasize the importance of community
    • Model positive coping strategies
    • Build your relationship
    • Remind them troubles are temporary
Last Modified on October 7, 2020