Fiscal Services

  • We can help with any questions you might have about our district, school site or departmental budgets. Please look at the following list to locate whom to call for assistance. If you need additional help, call 951-509-5000 and use our friendly telephone prompt to help you make your selection.

Contact Fiscal Services

First Name Last Name Position E-mail Phone Internal Extension
Vacant Budget Analyst
Vacant Payroll Analyst (VeriTime)
Vacant Payroll Technician
Janice Baxter Acct Technician, Student Accts (ASB, Booster Clubs, Elementary Fundraising) (951) 509-5068 225068
Kimberly Beckham Payroll Technician (A - L) (951) 509-5066 225066
Karie Drew Senior Account Clerk (Accts. Payable A-M) (951) 509-5131 225131
Kathy Edgar Position Control Specialist (951) 509-5073 225073
Charlene Edivan Accounting Analyst - Budget (DO Budgets, Const. Acct., Developer Fees, Transportation) (951) 509-5067 225067
John Jackson Payroll Technician (M-Z) 509-5181 225181
Mayra Leon Payroll Technician (951) 509-6024 226024
Lourdes Lua Senior Account Clerk (Contracts, Claims for Reimbursement) (951) 509-5078 225078
Deanne Pistole Senior Account Clerk (Accts. Payable N-Z) (951) 509-5074 225074
Darsie White Account Analyst Budget (951) 509-5062 225062
Last Modified on January 14, 2021