• Alvord Unified School District COVID-19 Dashboard

     The Alvord Unified School District and all of our schools are committed to providing accurate and transparent information regarding COVID-19 cases on our campuses, while also maintaining privacy and confidentiality for our students and staff. The data in the chart below represents the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among AUSD students and staff on our campuses (in-person instruction only). This data will be updated regularly and as cases are confirmed. In the event of a positive case, school communities are notified directly by their principals or school staff.



    Counts are being tallied as cases are confirmed

    * This number may fluctuate due to changes in enrollment.

    ** Information updated as cases are confirmed. Current positive cases reported within the last 14 days.


    Communication Process in the Event of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

    In the event there is a confirmed case, Riverside County Public Health will be notified. Any person identified as a close contact will receive a personal phone call by district or school staff. Families of students who are not identified as a close contact, but are in the same cohort, will also be called. The larger school community will also receive notification of a confirmed COVID-19 case on campus via a robo-email. Confirmed COVID-19 cases will be reported on the AUSD COVID-19 Dashboard. AUSD schools and staff will maintain confidentiality and protect student privacy, following all FERPA protocols.


    What Families Can Do to Limit the Spread

    It is going to take a concerted effort to keep our students, staff and families safe. In addition to health and safety measures taken on our campuses, we encourage families to be proactive and to reinforce the importance of hand-washing, physical distancing, and face coverings to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Also, if a member of your household tests positive for COVID-19 or is awaiting test results, please keep your child at home and notify your school. If your child has any symptoms associated with the coronavirus, make sure they stay home and get tested if necessary.

    Anyone with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should remain at home in isolation for a minimum of 10 days plus at least 24 hours after the resolution of fever (without fever-reducing medication) and improvement of other symptoms. Finally, keep children home when they are sick. Schools will work with students and families to maintain confidentiality and to help continue your student’s education.


    Resources and Information

    For additional questions about the coronavirus, visit the Riverside County Health Care Agency website.

    Please continue checking your email and other sources of communications from our schools, which have been providing school and class specific information.