• Q: Are there new CDPH guidelines for 2022-23?
    A: Yes. Find the guidelines on the State's website here.

    Q: What COVID prevention safety measures will be taken in 2022-23?
    A: We have maintained our air scrubbers and ventilation practices, our routine disinfection practices of all indoor spaces and all high touchpoint surfaces, teaching and reinforcing hand-washing and cough and sneeze etiquette, and using antigen tests to manage students and adults diagnosed with COVID or exposed to COVID. Our COVID Call Center will remain open to manage testing and contact tracing and assist schools and families.

    Q: Are masks mandatory or voluntary?
    A: Masks are voluntary. The CDC and the Riverside County Department of Public Health recommends that any person at increased risk for severe illness, or who lives with or spends time with someone at higher risk, speak to your healthcare provider about wearing a mask at medium or high COVID-19 Community Levels.

    Q: Are volunteers allowed on campus?
    A: Yes. Volunteers must not have any symptoms and will be provided a rapid antigen test to ensure they are not carrying the virus.

    Q: Can parents walk their children to class?
    A: All schools are closed campuses for safety purposes. Your principal will communicate your school's specific campus policy related to entering the campus, particularly for the first day of school.

    Q: Will Back to School Night be held in-person?
    A: Yes. Principals will communicate plans with parents.

    Q: Will there be athletics and after school activities?
    A: Yes. Following CDPH and other local public health guidelines.

    Q: Will there be COVID-testing?
    A: Yes. We will do response testing (students and staff are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or who have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive). All testing will again be conducted with take-home rapid antigen tests, which are available to students and employees at their school or worksite.

    Q: How can I learn more about 2022-23 COVID testing procedures?
    A: Find details here on next steps if your child tests positive or is exposed to an individual who tests positive. You can download this document as a pdf and keep for future reference. It's also posted on each school's and district's web site.

    Q: Will families be contacted if their child has been identified as having been in close contact with someone who tested positive?
    A: Yes. The COVID Call Center will contact families and explain testing protocol. Tests are available at every school site.

    Q: Will the COVID Call Center support schools and parents again this year? A: Yes. Call 951 509 5014 or email covidhelp@alvordschools.org.

    Q: What is the policy if a student is diagnosed with COVID-19 ?
    A: Stay home and isolate for at least 5 days after the start of symptoms (or after date of first positive test if no symptoms). Please report the positive case (and absence) to the COVID Call Center or complete the on-line form here.

    Q: When can a student return to school?
    A: Return to school on Day 6 if symptoms are not present and the student tests negative.

    Q: What do I do if my student continues to test positive after Day 6?
    A: Stay home until a negative test or Day 10, whichever comes first. Students may return after the full 10-day quarantine.

    Q: Can a student be on short-term independent study while on quarantine?
    A: Yes. If a student tests positive but is not ill, they can be on a short-term independent study contract and stay current with their schoolwork.

    See the contact tracing protocol below.


    Counts are being tallied as cases are confirmed

    * This number may fluctuate due to changes in enrollment.

    ** Information updated as cases are confirmed. Current positive cases reported within the last 14 days.