What We do at Alvord


    The GATE office assists schools to provide Gifted and Talented students and families with appropriate opportunities for identification, educational experiences, staff development, and parent/community participation. Parents are encouraged to participate in their school GATE Advisory Council as well as the District GATE Advisory Council (DGAC). Identified GATE students at each school participate in GATE activities during the school day. GATE students may also participate after school, during intersession, or summer break in school or District sponsored GATE activities.

  • Parent Participation

    The people who most significantly touch the lives of gifted and talented children are their parents.  When the home, school and community work together, the child's special needs may be realized more quickly and conscientiously.  Parents are encouraged to participate in their school and District GATE Parent Advisory Council.

    Program Provisions 

    The Alvord Unified School District G.A.T.E. program has provisions for:

    • Differentiated opportunities for learning commensurate with abilities and talents of individuals
    • Development of sensitivity and responsibility to others
    • Assistance in developing self-generating problem-solving abilities
    • Support in developing a realistic and healthy self-concept


    GATE Program

    Alvord Unified School District has a wide range of options for G.A.T.E. students:

    • Differentiation within the regular classroom
    • Enrichment opportunities
    • Special group instruction away from the regular class
    • Classes in which GATE students are clustered
    • Special day classes composed of GATE students, held before, or after school for GATE students.
    • Off-track GATE academies (gr. 4-5)
    • Seminars and study trips
    • Grade level advancement
    • Advanced placement
    • College level courses


  • Contact us

    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday

    7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


    Phone: (951) 509-5163

    FAX: (951) 358-1604