• Updated 3/21/21

    FAQ’s for Parents and Students in Special Education

    When will transportation begin for Special Education students that will return in person for the FIRST time March 22?

    • Transportation for students returning to the hybrid schedule will begin April 5, 2021.
    • First Student has been provided a list of students that have “Transportation/Curb to Curb,” noted on their IEP.
    • First Student will be contacting parents within the next two weeks with pick up and drop off information.

    Will my student receive in person services for speech, occupational therapy and/or physical therapy?
    Yes, as indicated on the IEP. Your child’s provider can share detailed information on how services will be provided.

    Are IEPs going to be in person or virtual?
    IEP meetings will remain virtual until further notice.

    Will my student’s one-to-one aide be in the classroom with my student?
    If you have further questions please contact your student’s principal or assigned special education case manager

    I want to change my child’s cohort?
    Contact your child's case manager first, and then the school principal.

    My child is behind due to distance learning. What is the school offering to help?

    • Alvord has been very diligent in ensuring that our students have the necessary instructional supports and services during this period
    • The district will be offering learning loss and remediation at the end of the school year. Your student’s case manager will be reaching out to offer any additional tutoring opportunities provided by the individual school
    • Please let your student’s teacher/principal know that you want your student to participate in the district’s summer extended learning opportunities. The different options are listed on Alvord’s Home page, www.alvordschools.org, at the “Reopening/Covid” tab - Summer School All Students 2021 

    Special Education Summer School Opportunities:

    • Extended School Year (ESY) - June 7th - July 2nd

    My student attends an RCOE/County class. Do students in that program also return March 22, 2021?
    No, Riverside County Office of Education supports 26 districts. RCOE independently determines options for their programs. The programs operated at Alvord sites will be returning on April 5, 2021. RCOE should have already reached out to provide information regarding the daily schedule and transportation for these students. If you have not been contacted, please contact the RCOE Principal at (951) a826-7350.

    Will all students be required to wear a mask if it interferes with health or behavior issues?
    All students attending the hybrid option are expected to have a face covering to ensure the health and safety of students and others. District will address specific limitations on a case by case basis.

    How will assessments be performed when needed? (AAC, OT, PT, SLP, etc.)
    The ability to conduct assessments is dependent upon the assessment itself. Most assessments can now be conducted in person. The district is equipped to conduct virtual assessments when absolutely necessary. Special education services will not be discontinued because assessments and an IEP meeting has not been held.

    Where can I learn more about reopening?
    Visit the Alvord home page www.alvordschools.org for information. Click on the link “Reopening/COVID19”

    Is Head Start/ Early Head Start Program reopening?
    The Head Start / Early Head Program is operated by Riverside County Office of Education. Please direct all questions to (800) 600-1800.

    Have a question that does not appear here? Submit a question to the Superintendent here and use the subject FAQ.


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