• 2021-2022 University Student Placement Request Procedure



    1. Fill out the Student Placement Request form on the Google link listed below:                      

              * https://forms.gle/jmrcpL158hSQDVss5

              *The form must be filled out by the school advisor and not the student or the student will not be accepted!     

    2. Once the form has been filled out the student will be added to the list of students needing placement.

    3. Administrators will check the list weekly to try to place as many students as possible.  

    4. Administrators will contact the university advisor via email once a placement has been secured.



    1. Check the student placement list weekly. (Link was sent via email)

    2. Confirm the university has a Board approved agreement with the district on the Current University Agreements Google Form.  (See link below)

    3. Once placement has been arranged, email the advisor to arrange placement.  Fill out the administrator columns on the Google document indicating your approval, verification the advisor has been contacted and name of the master teacher (if no teacher was requested by the advisor).



    Alvord's Current University Agreements


Last Modified on March 15, 2022