• Important Notice for those who have an extended absence:  If you are at home, and need assignments, please contact your English teacher below to access packets through a Shared Google Drive.



    Once you have been added to the shared drive, you will see a "Shared Drive" folder in the left hand side of your Google Drive homescreen.

    Do Assignments through KAMI if you do not have a printer.


    If you do not have a Kami account from your previous comprehensive site (i.e. Norte Vista High School),  create an account by logging onto Kamiapp.com.  Use your School Google account to do the initial set up, and answer the proceeding questions to finalize your account.  

    Once you set up your account, or if you already have an account with Kami, open the desired packet file from the Google Shared Drive in which your teacher has given you access.  Once you click the packet, choose "Open with Kami" and use the tools on the left side of the screen to anwer the packet.