• Worker's Compensation


    Employees who experience an injury or illness arising out of their employment may file a claim for benefits under Worker's Compensation. Benefits can include medical treatment, reimbursement for time off work, mileage to and from medical appointments, compenstion for permanent disability, and job re-training. All claims are subject to investigation and may be denied if they are not deemed to meet the threshold established by the state. 

    To report a work related injury or illness, please notify your supervisor and call Company Nurse at 877-518-6702.

    All work injuries/illnesses must be reported to your supervisor as soon as possible, even if medical treatment is not desired. Additionally, employees are not eligible for benefits under Worker's Compensation until they have reported their injury and completed the applicable forms. Expenses for unapproved medical treatment will be the employee's responsibility.

    For additional informaiton, please view the employee Worker's Compensation packet below.