Considering home-based learning in 2022-23? Please complete this brief survey through the ParentSquare portal here. 

    Students learning from home utilize Edgenuity (6-12) and Accelerate (K-5). Both programs are computer-based, user-friendly learning management systems that structure and monitor learning. Students are assigned to a certificated Alvord Unified School District teacher who monitors attendance and progress and meets on-line for one hour a day. The teacher does not directly teach the curriculum. The computer-based programs provide direct-instruction videos featuring expert, on-screen teachers, rigorous assignments, performance tasks, and assessments to engage students and ensure subject-area mastery.

    Visit the Edgenuity Video Library here for a series of videos on the advantages of Edgenuity. For the K-5 Accelerate program, visit their website here for additional information.

    Here are key components of the home-based learning program:

    • Students learn from home and do not attend school in-person;
    • Students continue to be active members of the student body at their home school.
    • Students utilize an age-appropriate computer-based learning program that uses a combination of animations, video-led direct instruction, relevant websites, and activities to support the curriculum;
    • Modifications and accommodations will be made for English learners, students in foster care or other high-needs groups;
    • Students are provided with a Chromebook and an Internet connection, if needed;
    • Students in grades' 6-12 use Edgenuity;
    • Students in grades' K-5 use Accelerate;
    • Students in grades' 3-12 with specialized academic needs use Odysseyware;
    • Students in the district's moderate to severe program utilize our alternative curriculum, News‑2‑You (N2Y);
    • A parent or guardian is responsible for student progress;
    • Parent is responsible for ensuring students engage in learning platform for a designated time per day;
    • Students are assigned to an Alvord teacher, however;
    • The Alvord teacher does not teach the curriculum;
    • The Alvord teacher utilizes the Google classroom to meet with students at the conclusion of each school day for an "office hour" to record daily attendance and to ensure progress is being made;
    • The Alvord teacher supports the student and parents;
    • Instructional minutes are the same as they are for in-person instruction:
      • Kindergarten: 200 minutes;
      • Grades 1-3: 280 minutes;
      • Grades 4-8: 300 minutes;
      • Grades 9-12: 360 minutes;
    • Meals are made available for pick-up for students in the home-based program;
    • Students may transition back into in-person instruction within five days of declaring they no longer choose to participate in the home-based program;
    • For high school students, access to all courses offered for graduation and approved by the University of California or the California State University are made available.

    For more details or to sign up for the program, contact Craig Shiflett, Director of Virtual Schools Programs, by email homebased@alvordschools.org or phone (951) 509-5015.

    NOTE: If you intend to pursue home-based learning, the process begins by completing an application here.  The principal at your current school of attendance will lead an evaluation team to determine what level of support your student will need to succeed in an independent learning program. If it is determined that your student may not qualify given your student's academic and learning history, your principal will discuss options with you.

    Characteristics of the Home-Based Learner

    Home-based learning is a great option for many students. But it may not be the best alternative for some students or families. Below are the characteristics of students that are likely to succeed in an independent education program. 

    Characteristics of Successful Home-Based Students

    • Apply themselves to their studies in a focused and serious manner
    • Work hard and become engaged in their lessons and activities
    • Improve areas of personal weakness while capitalizing on personal strengths
    • Maintain an active study regimen and stay on top of all assignment deadlines
    • Recognize when assistance is needed and is able to seek that assistance in a timely manner
    • Establish a strong communication line with instructors and assigned teacher
    • Utilize Tutor.com as often as necessary
    • Be goal oriented and have a desire to learn and succeed
    • Be self-disciplined with regards to study habits
    • Frequently get support from their parent and/or learning coach
    • Work independently
    • Manage time effectively
    • Navigate on the computer
    • Proficiently read and write

    Characteristics of Online Learning Success

    • Be an independent learner-An independent learner is not someone that does not need help from those around them, but it is someone that is active in the academic process. 
    • Goal-oriented. Someone that is goal-oriented has a vision for who they want to be and what they want to do.
    • Set a schedule and keep to it. The on-line platforms for the Home-based program, Edgenuity (6-12) and Accelerate (K-5) are self-paced, 
    • Taking responsibility for the learning process.