Bids & RFQ/P's

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    As necessary, Alvord Unified School District will go out to bid for materials, equipment, or public work projects. Please look at each section below to find the relevant information and contact the appropriate person for more details.

    *Bids are advertised in the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

    District Managed Bids & RFQ/P's: 

    Contact Purchasing Manager (951) 509-6029 Purchasing Manager
    Phone: (951)-509-6029
     for information regarding the bid(s) below:


    Interested parties may obtain the documents necessary to submit Qualifications and Proposals from: ARC (American Reprographics Company), 345 Clinton Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, Phone: (714) 424-8525.  To order documents from ARC as a download, CD, or hardcopy/paper, visit: then click on Public Planroom, and search by Alvord Unified School District in the dropdown list, or call ARC and request the Planwell Department for orders.  Downloads are available at no charge.  Hardcopy/paper or CD cost will be available with Project information on ARC.  The costs for all RFQP Documents are non-refundable.  Any mailing costs are direct with the reprographic company. The District does not ensure the availability, accuracy, or completeness of plans, specifications, and any other RFQP documents related to this solicitation if they are not obtained from American Reprographics Company (“ARC”).

Last Modified on May 17, 2023