• Characteristics of the Home-Based Learner

    Home-based learning is a great option for many students. But it may not be the best alternative for some students or families. Below are the characteristics of students that are likely to succeed in an independent education program. 

    Characteristics of Successful Home-Based Students

    • Apply themselves to their studies in a focused and serious manner
    • Work hard and become engaged in their lessons and activities
    • Improve areas of personal weakness while capitalizing on personal strengths
    • Maintain an active study regimen and stay on top of all assignment deadlines
    • Recognize when assistance is needed and is able to seek that assistance in a timely manner
    • Establish a strong communication line with instructors and assigned teacher
    • Utilize Tutor.com as often as necessary
    • Be goal oriented and have a desire to learn and succeed
    • Be self-disciplined with regards to study habits
    • Frequently get support from their parent and/or learning coach
    • Work independently
    • Manage time effectively
    • Navigate on the computer
    • Proficiently read and write