Transfer Requests

  • Transfers fall into two categories; transfers from inside our district (intra-district) or transfers from outside our district (inter-district).


  • 2023 - 2024                                                                                                                

    • Intra-District Transfers only apply to students who live within the Alvord Unified School District attendance boundaries.  If you live outside the Alvord Unified School District, you must apply for an Inter-District Transfer from your resident district.
    • Requests for placement will not be made on a first-come, first-served basis; instead will be approved using an unbiased random selection process and only if space is available at the school requested. 
    • The Intra-District Transfer Window for 2023-2024 for Grades TK - 5 will be open 2/13/2023 - Deadline- 3/24/2023.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE/ NOTICIA IMPORTANTE:                                                                                                      

    • All Elementary Schools are open for Intra-District Transfers.
      Solicitudes de traslado entre escuelas están abiertas para todas las escuelas primarias.
    • The Intra-District Transfer Window for 2023-2024 for Grades 6 - 12 NOW OPEN.  Deadline - 2/17/2023.                                                                       


    • Hillcrest Intra-District Transfers are open for concurrently enrolled siblings only.
      Solicitudes de traslado entre escuelas dentro del distrito estan abiertas solamente para hermanos ya inscritos en Hillcrest.
  • District Board Policy: Intra-District

  • Intra-District Open Enrollment Transfer Application Process and Timeline

  • Intra-District Open Enrollment Transfer FAQ

  • Intra-District Transfer Application


    • 2023 - 2024

      • The Inter-District transfer process applies to parents requesting their children attend school in a district other than their resident district. 
      • All Inter-District requests must be initiated in the district of residence. 
      • Inter-District transfers are valid for one year only and must be renewed annually. 
      • An approved Inter-District transfer must be authorized between the district of residence and the school district of desired attendance before a student can attend the selected school.

      *Students who are brand new and are requesting a transfer for the first time to Alvord Unified School District must complete online registration BEFORE an Inter-District transfer request can be submitted. The link for online registration can be found on the Student Services department home page. Online registration will open on December 2, 2022

      • Please be advised you must provide documentation to support the reason for the requested transfer. 
      • Supporting documents for the request to transfer must be submitted with the application. 
      • For information regarding documentation, please go to the Inter-District Transfer Application Process and Timeline tab. 

      Inter-District transfer applications may be received in two ways:

      1. Email the completed, signed application (front and back) and required documentation to:


      2. Mail the completed, signed application (front and back) and required documentation to:

      Alvord Unified School District
      Attn: Student Services
      9 KPC Parkway
      Corona, CA 92879

      Inter-District transfer applications will not be accepted in person at the district office.  

      The Inter-District Transfer application window for the 2023-2024 school year will open on December 2, 2022, and close on January 13, 2023. 

      *Applications will NOT BE ACCEPTED before December 2, 2023.

  • District Board Policy: Inter-District

  • Inter-District Transfer Application Process and Timeline

  • Inter-District FAQ

  • Inter-District Transfer Application

Last Modified on February 13, 2023