Alvord USD Agenda Online

  • The Board of Education welcomes public comment. This is an opportunity for the public to address the Board regarding items on the Agenda or regarding subjects or concerns that do not appear on the Agenda. The chair reserves the right to limit speaking time to three minutes. Government Code Section 54954.2 and Education Code Section 35145.5 prohibits the Board of Education from discussing or acting upon matters not on the Agenda; therefore, Board members may (1) acknowledge receipt of the information; or (2) refer the matter to staff with no direction as to action or priority.

    Alvord USD uses the web-applicaiton Agenda On-line to develop and access board agendas, including supporting documents and minutes from any computer or electronic device. Click here to access Agenda On-line and find all of our Board Agendas and attached documents.


Last Modified on October 24, 2021