The Process Of Building Of A Unit

  • Here is an overview of designing a unit of curriculum. As you read, you will see how the Common Core is being implemented through Rigorous Curriculum Design. This process was adapted to fit the needs of AUSD.

    Five foundational steps found in RCD:

    1. Prioritize the Common Core State Standards.
    2. Name the Units of Study.
    3. Assign the Standards - Priority and Supporting - to the Units of Study.
    4. Prepare a Yearlong Pacing Calendar.
    5. Create the Unit Planning Organizer.

    Design steps for RCD:

    1. “Unwrap” the Unit Priority Standards.
    2. Create a Graphic Organizer.
    3. Decide the Big Ideas and Essential Questions.
    4. Create the End - of - Unit Assessment.
    5. Create the Unit Pre – Assessment.
    6. Identify Additional Vocabulary Terms, Interdisciplinary Connections, and 21st - Century Learning Skills.
    7. Plan Engaging Learning Experiences (Authentic Performance Tasks).
    8. Gather Instructional Resource Materials.
    9. Recommend Effective Instruction, Differentiation, Intervention, Special Education, and English Language Learner Strategies.
    10. Detail the Unit Planning Organizer.
    11. Create Informal Progress - Monitoring Checks.
    12. Write the Weekly Plan and Design the Daily Lessons.

    Step 12 is left up to the classroom teacher as they develop what is best for their classroom.