Instructional Units

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    Units were put together by 41 different teams. There will be some variability when you look at units. Units are only posted when the instructional team is ready to post. Most teams post the Unit Planning Organizer and a Unit Resource folder. All units for the 2014 - 2015 school year have not been posted. You can tell which units are ready by their color. If they are orange they have posted.


    The Unit Planning Organizer is a .pdf file. If your computer cannot open a .pdf file you can download Adobe Reader or you Google Chrome. Google Chrome will open .pdf files too without an install. The Unit Resource Folder is a compressed folder. It should be easily opened with any computer without downloading any extra program. IPads, tablets, and phones will not be able to open the resource folders.

    Trying to make sense of an RCD Unit without training may be difficult. To help you understand how units are designed check out the RCD portion of the website. You can also try the Overview of Instructional Units.