• Illnesses and Injuries

    According to law, schools will administer basic first aid if an injury or illness occurs on campus. It is the parent's responsibility to pick up the child from school if he/she becomes ill or requires more than basic first aid. An emergency number, other than the parent, as designated by the parent, MUST be on file at the school's office for use if an injury or illness occurs when the parent cannot be reached.

  • Illness Guidelines

    Please do not send a child to school with the following symptoms:

    • Fever of 100.4º or more
      • Student may return to school if fever-free 24-hours, without the help of medication
    • Undiagnosed rash
    • Diarrhea
      • See a doctor immediately if diarrhea is accompanied by: no urine output for 8 hours; jaundiced skin; or child looks/acts very ill.
    • Vomiting more than once a day or accompanied by fever, rash or general weakness.  May return if does not vomit breakfast.
    • Cold sores
      • Cold sores can be passed from one person to another, but only through direct contact.  Children who drool or place toys in their mouths when they have cold sores should stay home; other children may come to school.
    • Antibiotics
      • Children who are placed on anitbiotics for any reason, should be on them for a FULL 24 hours (longer for Pertussis/Whooping Cough) before returning to school to prevent the spread of infections.  If you are uncertain, ask your school nurse.
    • Head lice
      • Begin treatment of head lice immediately, check family members and treat home.  Prior to re-entry to school, a parent/guardian must bring the student to the District Health Clinic (10365 Keller Avenue) for assessment with a school nurse.
    • Children with Conjunctivitie (Pink Eye) who do not receive medical treatment need to be kept home from school until the infection has passed (all symptons are gone).  Children who are on prescribed eye medication may return to school after 24 hours depending upon your doctor's recommendation.


    Final decision and exceptions regarding attendance for reasons of health of any student will be at the discretion of the school nurse.

    Thank you for helping keep our school healthy and safe.


Last Modified on August 7, 2023