TK & Kindergarten Enrollment Information

  • Transitional Kinder and Kindergarten Registration


    Transitional Kinder (TK) and Kindergarten (K) registration can be an anxious time for many parents, especially for first-time parents. The more prepared you are with the proper documents, the easier the process will be. Our elementary school personnel are there to assist parents with their questions and to help them get off to a good start.

    Parents can go to their home school to request a registration packet. If you don't know which school is your home school, our school staff will refer you to the correct location,  or you may visit SchoolSite Locator webpage. The school will let you know when to return with the completed packet.

    It is most important that your child meets the age requirements for starting school. If he/she turns five (5) on or before September 1, the starting grade will be Kindergarten (K).  However, at any time during the school year, "a child who will have his or her fifth birthday after December 2, but during the same school year, may be admitted to a transitional kindergarten program" (CA Ed Code 48000 (c.3.B.i).

    Anyone in the family may pick-up a registration packet, but the parent/guardian must come to the school to process the registration. Be sure to bring the following paperwork with you:

    • Verification of Birth (certified copy of birth record, statement by the local registrar or county recorder certifying the date of birth, Baptism certificate, passport, when none of the foregoing is obtainable, an affidavit of the parent, guardian, or custodian, or any other appropriate means of proving the child's age)
    • Proof of residence (gas or electric bill, current rental agreement, current mortgage papers)
    • Proof of immunizations /shot records (including Tdap beginning in grade 6 of Middle School )
    • A school entrance physical examination dated within six months prior to the start of Kinder or TK
    • An oral health exam.
    • A copy the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) if your child receives Special Education services
    • A language assessment test for bilingual students or non-English speaking students. For language testing appointments, call the Language Assessment Center: 951-509-5088.


    School personnel will provide you with important information about TK/K camps and parent orientation to help prepare you and your little ones for school. These events are usually held before school starts and they are essential for parent and student success. We encourage you to register early so you don‘t miss out on any of the plans we have for you and your family as you begin these exciting years of schooling.

    Please call your school to find out what their TK/K registration hours.