Health Services

  • Illness/First Aid

    If a student is injured while at school, the student will be sent or escorted to the office. The secretaries or health assistant will administer first aid and/or call for a district nurse if necessary. Students must not leave the building because of illness without written authorization. School nurses are on call for emergency purposes. The health office is located in the main office. Each student is required to have an emergency card on file with updated phone numbers. If a student is ill, he/she will not be sent home until a parent/guardian or other person indicated on the emergency card is contacted to come to school. The school administers first aid only. Injuries, cuts, burns, or blisters should be attended to before students arrive at school.


    Student Insurance

    It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to pay for medical care resulting from school injuries. It is highly recommended that parents/guardians provide accident coverage for their students. Parents/Guardians who are interested in the low cost insurance made available through the district may use the enrollment forms provided with the registration packet or contact the school office.



    Students who have been prescribed medicine by a doctor must bring the medicine to the office with directions from the doctor indicating when it is to be taken. Medicines must be in a regular prescription bottle with the student's name. Students may not carry medication of any kind on campus. Students taking medication must have an AUSD form on file for medication. The form may be obtained from the school office, completed by a doctor, and signed by a parent/guardian. All medication will remain in the office. With a form on file, students may carry an inhaler on their person.