• Report Suspected Fraud, Asset Misappropriation and Abuse

    Report-Fraud.Com and/or (949) 940-9495

    The District has retained an independent firm that specializes in forensic auditing, fraud examination and asset misappropriation to address these issues when or if these matters arise. There are two methods to report fraud; Internet based and by telephone. You may use either method or both methods.

    The Report-Fraud.Com web site will easily walk you through the reporting process as well as allow you to “upload” or “attach” any documents, pictures, or other evidence you may have.

    The toll free Whistleblower Hot-Line number (949) 940-9495 will connect you directly to a private voice mail where you will be asked to provide as much information as you can. This number is monitored by an external fraud examiner who is not employed by the District.

    The website and telephone call are confidential. At no time will any information that personally identifies you be released to anyone, without your authorized approval. Feel confident that you may use either or both reporting methods depending on your comfort level.

    • If you use the hot-line, during the phone call, speak slowly and be as specific and descriptive as possible.  You will have six (6) minutes of recording time per recording.  Please state your name and make sure your call back number is clearly provided. The examiner may call you to further discuss the situation or to ask for additional information.  If you have documentation that will assist the examiner please indicate this in your message. 
    • If for any reason you feel that your phone call was not completed, please call back and continue with your message. 
    • Once your web site based data is completed and sent and/or your phone call is finished, an examiner will evaluate the information, the District's internal auditing department or other district-designated person will be contacted and a course of action determined.

    We are dedicated to the highest levels of ethics and integrity.  Please report any suspected fraud.  

    Thank you for your assistance. 

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Last Modified on October 11, 2018